Monday, August 13, 2007

Writer's Block

Why is it that I ONLY get writer's block when I'm being paid for my words, but I can just hammer away at the keyboard forever when I'm not being paid?

More coffee. I definitely need more coffee.

(Which makes me wonder -- where did the word "latte" come from? And is Peet's really better than Starbuck's? Hmmmm... looks like it's time to do some Internet research...)

I have an idea! A change of scenery tends to work wonders... and it's a glorious day in Seattle today, so I think I'll work outside.

(Now if I can only ignore that hammock...)

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Blog Antagonist said...

Would it help if I told you that I am completely envious that you get paid to write??

Writer's Block is the worst. I hope it passes soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey, there's a Peets by the new PCC. Wanna go do a field study?

Carol said...

Absolutely, if it will feed my writer's block!


vailian said...

You know what I do when I am composing and get stuck-- I take a long walk. Like 2 hours or so. Got the idea from Goethe, who used to wander off and always had his notebook with him. (Not his laptop, silly!)
But I agree with you, writing for money is a LOT harder and more agonizing.
You could pencil a quick outline and discuss it with your kids (or dog or husband for that matter. Offer them a cut of the profits.

Goofball said...

oh I could never work or study outside...too much distraction.

Anonymous said...

"latte" is the Italian word for milk. Thus, a "café latte" is, roughly speaking, a coffee with milk...

Jen said...

OMG, I can SO relate to this!

EuroTrippen said...

When I get stuck I like to read Hemingway's 'The Old Man & The Sea'. I find I'm usually blocked because I want to cram too much in, and just don't know how pare it down. Hemingway was the MASTER of simplified and engaging storytelling.

The Old Man And The Sea... not a word wasted. And it still makes me cry (and inspires me!) after, literally, hundreds of reads.

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