Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A German Bedding Crisis in America

As I've mentioned a few times previously, Laura's family presented us with the most incredible, cozy German bedding when we visited them in September. They presented Tom and me with our own individual "bettdecken," which is like a big fluffy individual feather bed. I can assure you that we'll never go back to traditional American bedding since experiencing the comfort of fluffy individual German feather beds.

Knowing this would probably be the case, and that we just might have trouble finding German bedding in America, Elisabeth and I spent a good amount of time during our last week in Germany (after Tom had flown home) shopping for bedding. Although we bought one fairly expensive all-white cotton set at the Kaufhaus in Heidelberg, my favorite two sets were purchased at Woolworth in Heidelberg and Nurnberg. For under €10 per set, we bought a total of four duvet and pillowcase sets, one of luxuriously soft blue and white dotted "flannel" (but nothing like coarse American flannel) and one of burning oranges and reds in a soft rayon blend. We should have bought the big, square German feather pillows then too, but Elisabeth had already worked hard to stuff the featherbeds into one-way super condensible packing bags that we just happened to have packed, and we knew there was no way we could fit two pillows into our luggage. So we left the Euro-pillow buying until we returned to America.

Big mistake! "Euro-shams" are definitely NOT the same as German feather "Kopfkissen"!

I have looked all over the Internet, even at Woolworth.de for more good deals on "Bettwaesche" and for the down pillows that we saw for €15, but decided not to buy, but I can't find anything! What happened to the great deals we saw when we were in Germany? Are they really not available on the Internet, or am I looking in all the wrong places? And to American stores like Linens 'n' Things and Bed, Bath & Beyond, why don't you carry this fabulous European bedding, both fedderbetten and Euro-sized pillows??

We sure would sleep better at night if we could only find them!

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And also some photos of my obsession as of late:

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Rich said...

Hi there Carol. I hope your doing well. What is the size of pillow your looking for? Just wondering if maybe I could help you out a bit. I found this link for you. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/rooms/bedroom/10686/

I hope that helps a bit.
Rich Best wishes for you and your family

Carol said...

Hi there, Rich! Thanks for the link! I had found it a while back and was thrilled, thinking I'd order the pillows, but alas, the photos are deceptive, as they are actually selling American sizes, even though the photos show German pillows! Grrrrrr!!!

But thanks!


Becky said...

I had euro shams on my guest bed and found the pillows to fill them on Ebay. Just search for european goose down pillow. Or leave off the word goose. There are loads on Ebay.

Andrea said...

I love the comforters here, so soft and warm. But I have to disagree on the pillows - I can't stand the big euro pillows! I am very glad to have my American pillows with me :)

Hope you find something soon!

The tea cup sender said...

I'd also suggest eBay - go right to the German eBay site (.de) and search for Kopfkissen and try to figure out which sellers are willing to ship to the U.S.

Mind you shipping won't be cheap. A package up to 5 kilos, without air mail, costs 32 Euros, and expect them to add a little more for packaging costs.

vailian said...

I think the best place to find what you are looking for is at karstadt. They have good quality at reasonable prices (sorry about the exchange rate...) and a good selection:
www.karstadt.de then search for Kopfkissen

Rositta said...

Carol, I totally get it about the pillows. We have two and I take mine with me whenever I have to sleep elsewhere. I even took it to Greece last year. While I was in Germany I bought two for my offspring as a gift and postage from Germany to Canada cost me 32 Euros. I couldn't possibly get them in our suitcases. I too love the federbetten, I had forgotten how much but not a chance to bring them home. Maybe next time I'm in Germany I will buy them and ship them home....ciao

Goofball said...

ok silly question now....what's the difference between American pillows and European ones. All european ones or just what you call Euro-Shams?

And don't they have duvets in the USA? I have always had comforters indeed, but I just assumed that it depended from family to family. Don't feather filled bedding exist?

Anonymous said...

check this one out


I believe they also have a US franchise



Anonymous said...


Juanita said...

Too bad that you didn't post this sooner. I had two of those pillows that were never used and gave them to Goodwill when we thought we were moving. My niece had sent them to me years ago, but I guess I'm too americanized and didn't really like to sleep with them.

Carol said...

Thanks for the great feedback, everyone! Elisabeth is heading back to Germany in a few weeks to spend Karnival with the group she met at Oktoberfest (ah, to be young again!) so I think I'll ask her to squeeze some pillows and covers (from Danishes Bettlager-- thanks!) into another of those one-way vacuum bags again.


Carol said...

Oh, the TEA CUP SENDER!!!! My wonderful mystery friend!!! I am still so honored and flattered and I still SO enjoy my teacup that sits prominently on the piano. Won't you please reveal your wonderful self??


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I so agree...

Anonymous said...

me, a random guy in cyberspace has forever wondered why in the world the Americans have never bought into the idea of stripping innocent geese down to their undies... all for a good night of germanic slumber??? well as I think about it, the whole concept truely does sound like a very GERMAN idea...oh well we are who we are...i'll send Hillary and Obama an email about that...hmmm? How will you improve the American/ German bedding relations in 08? GWB sure had a poor record in that area!
Anyway, I enjoy your blog, no tea cups from me though, sorry...
P.S. A drunk "Weiberkarneval" sting into a Bettenhaus sounds like a brilliant idea, maybe a goose costume qualifies for discounts...Suck it PETA! just kidding...

AA said...

Ooohh I loves me some down bedding! I have down pillows and down comforters, but I want all that lovely Euro down you are surrounded by. I am incredibly jealous. if I ever make it to Germany I know what to look for and what kind of bags to pack.

Anonymous said...

This is probably a stupid question, but...

How do you sleep in the same bed with separate comforters? Doesn't that make a "hole" in the middle?

Anonymous said...

"Doesn't that make a "hole" in the middle?" Oh Lord, I never thought about that, now I finally have a clue where the babies might come from...if a sleeping bird and a sleeping bee fall into the hole between two comforters at night, next thing you know...bird sings the baby blues...If only Britney had know!

Global Librarian said...

You want to set up an exchange with someone living in Germany, not Switzerland! They may be right next to each other. They may speak similar languages, sorta. But they are world's apart in terms of a shopping experience!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol. I love my German Betten though I really use hyper allergic ones since I am allergic to feathers. I love them because I don't fight with my husband over the covers mine is mine and his is his. American sheets are dumb a sheet and then a blanket and roll once and the sheet goes one way the blanket another way then to straigten them in the morning ugh. I am a army brat and my mom was German and I lived in Germany until 92 and had to move back here now i am in need of new Bettwaeshe and i don't want to pay an arm and leg for it. I am looking to maybe sew my own but i don't know what would be the best material for it.

valskis said...

Hi Carol!
We have been using German bedding for 8 years now. . .just returned from Frankfurt from a "bedding buying" trip! Pillow size 80cm x 80cm. Have ye to find a US distributor of German sized bedding. Try billerbeck.info. . .but very expensive!
Good luck.

graciela said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Anonymous said...

Just got back from Germany (Frace,Switzerland,Austria) and fell in love with the bedding. No more fighting over the covers! I'm so glad to run across this site because I've been searching furiously for the bedding online to no avail. The Europeans got this one right! What weight do they use in summer? It was still chilly at night and with the windows open the heavier weight was just right over there but now that I'm home it's warmer and the heavier weight would be sufficating.

Looking for a better night sleep...


Nikki said...

I just came across your blog while searching for the exact item shown in your pics. My significant other spent several years stationed in Germany and was telling me about these. I was wondering if you have any idea on where I could find these stateside or where I could order them. I would love to surprise him with these before another bitterly cold Iowa winter hits. Love the blog. Any info would be great. Thanks

Carol said...

Hi Nikki,

Would you believe that there seems to be nowhere to buy German duvet covers in the states?! I've had to contact friends in Germany, asking them to buy them at Ikea/Germany and send them to me. (The textiles there are cheap; the shipping to Seattle, not so much!) I've sent Ikea a few letters, suggesting that they allow purchasing of their German bedding here, but no luck! We need to stage a revolt!


Nikki said...

Hi Carol,
I was wondering if there was any place to by the actual bedding? If I can find the feather bedding I can make the covers :). Any ideas?

Carol said...

Hi Nikki,

Try this place:


or this one:


(But the prices are insane, dotcha think?!)


Jennifer said...


S.A. said...

Hello, I just wanted to let everyone know that I found a way to order german bed linen ! There are a few “hoops” involved , but it works. You can order from Otto Versand (http://www.otto.de/ ) . Unfortunately you have to order through their export office (export@schwab.de). The way it works is: you go to the on-line catalog and pick out what you want than you write to the export office and give them the “Bestellnr.” ( order number ) the “Menge” (amount of items) and the “Größe” ( size) they then will order all that from Otto and sent you a confirmation (so will Otto Versand). Then you have to wait a few days until your order arrives at the export office, they will then send you the bill (including shipping and handling), you can pay with bank to bank transaction but I would advice against that ! It is very expensive and not as easy as it sounds! I used Visa, you will get a form in your e-mail that you fill out and fax back . As soon as they have the money they will send your order off. The one draw back is : the catalog is in German! That is why I gave you those german words and their translations :) . And here are a few more to make it easier for you:
“Bettwäsche” (bed linen) can be found under “Heimtextilien” (home textiles) in the Otto catalog. “2-tgl Garniture” ( 2 piece set), “Preis” (prize), “Biber” (very soft flannel), “Linon” ( cotton made to look like linen) “Baumwolle” ( cotton) , “Artikelinformation” (product information) this is at the bottom of the page and will contain the Bestellnr. and the material that the fabric is made out of. Please write the Bestellnr. down only after you picked the color, finish and size of your bed linen to make sure you get the right product!
Please remember Germans use centimeters (cm) for size and kilogram for weight! Oh and "Otto" also sells german feather beds and pillows!
Happy shopping :)

Carol said...

Thanks so much, SA! This is hugely helpful information!


S.A. said...

your welcome :). I am waiting for my first shipment now, hopefully it will arrive soon (customs willing :0 ). Oh and I forgot to mention that shipping and handling is 21.85 Euro per packet plus 2.00 Euro per kg. Let me know if you have any questions . By the way "Otto" also has some really nice christmas (Weihnachten)stuff. Have fun .

S.A. said...

Hi Carol
just wanted to let you know that I got my bed linens a few days ago. They arrived in perfect condition and I am very happy with them. Oh and did you hear that Vancouver (BC)has it's first ever german christmas market? here is the link http://www.suite101.com/content/vancouvers-first-german-christmas-market-2010-a308977

Jennifer said...

I am coming to this discussion quite late, but.... I am living in germany for a short time and would like to bring some bedding back with me. The question I have is what do you do about the differnet size mattresses that we have at home for the botom fitted sheet?

Carol said...

Hi Jennifer,

I just use an American bottom sheet. I also use both American and German sized pillows, piled around the headboard. So really, the only part of the American set that isn't used is the top sheet.

Hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

Guten Morgan everyone!

Finding Germany bedding here in the States is nearly impossible.A suggestion for those who want German style bedding (other than the wonderfully large pillows!)but can't get to Germany to buy:
use American twin sized comforters with American sized duvets.You still get "each has their own comforter" effect.

Verónica said...

Hallo! Nettes Blog!

I lived in Germany for most of last year, and I soooooooooooo sorely miss my Federbett!! They're the best thing in the world when it comes to high quality sleep. It boggles my mind that the US hasn't caught up with this... Why would anyone want to sleep under any other kind of bedding??

I'd like to thank S.A. for his/her information regarding Otto. I probably could also have one of my friends in Cologne buy a Federbett for me and send it via DHL, but we're on a tight budget, and I'm trying to avoid "frivolous" expenditures at present. While I don't consider a product that will afford me a fantastic night's sleep a frivolous purchase, I do have to consider costs. While looking for Federbetten and Daunendecken online (to see if I could land on a US store that provided them), I found something on Overstock.com that's called a "featherbed," and it's used as a very soft and fluffy, baffle-boxed pillow-top for mattresses. When I saw this product, it hit me: "Maybe I could find one with a high thread-count cotton and high fill power, buy two twin-sized ones, put duvet covers on them, and use them as Federbetten?" The feel wouldn't be as "cloudy" as a German one provides, but it would certainly be better than a US style comforter. I have never had a "featherbed" before, so, I don't know if maybe they're only made with feathers, and not down, which would make them too heavy to use as covers. Does anyone know if this would be the case? Are there any "featherbeds" available that are filled with down only?

Thanks so much for your help!

Awesome blog, and your "Ode to Joe" is hilarious!! Thanks for the smile!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and wanted to share. My hubbie and I tried to replicate our German bedding experience from several years ago as well once we returned to the states. We found featherbeds locally at Bed Bath & Beyond or Target, I think. I bought a twin featherbed (but the primaloft kind because I'm allergic to some feathers). I found a close-fitting featherbed cover (has a zipper) at The Company Store and it was on sale! My hubby, who is over 6' and over 240lbs, didn't like the 'coverage' of the twin size. We bought him a full/double one. In our Queen size bed, all of that featherbed bulk didn't leave much room for us! So we abandoned it. We have since built a small cabin and added a King size bed and the feather beds work great there! I sleep so much better under my big featherbed "pillow"! If I get a little hot ( I occasionally have a flash or 2!), I can uncover a leg from either side!

Verónica said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for sharing your experience. I have a question: These covers that you purchased at BB&B or Target, were they labeled "Featherbed" or were they labeled "Comforter?" I just want to verify, because I get the impression that featherbeds, as they are sold here in the US, would be too heavy, since they're meant to be mattress toppers. I'm trying to replicate the feeling of sleeping "inside a cloud" one experiences with German bedding.

Thanks so much!! I really appreciate the help. =)

Melanie said...

Hello. I just found this blog and i'm glad to know that I am not alone in this quest to find some good German quality bedding! My husband has a Billerbeck comforter he has purchased long before we got married and I have claimed it ever since. He can't remember where he purchased it! It is the fluffiest, warmest, lightest comforter ever! It's actually quite ridiculous, how comfortable it is...everytime I use it, I melt into the bed. This is only the comforter i'm talking about....I can only imagine the federbettes some of you speak of! So, my comforter, it's a twin size and I have been on the hunt for one to fit our california king bed. But my search has been fruitless. Does anyone know where I can find Billerbeck bedding products? Or something similar?

Chris Zoeller said...

I too have been hunting down replacement bedding for a few years in the states to no avail. Does anyone know a German website we can order them and have them shipped?

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Greetings. Just wanted to let you know that www.thecompanystore.com does indeed, have plenty of down comforters and pillows and if they don't have what you want readily available they will make if for you, but custom usually isn't cheap. Garnet Hill has lovely German flannel bedding. If you would be willing to pay international shipping you could try www.otto.de or www.karstadt.de also consider trying sites like overstock.com they carry duvet covers etc as well. Good luck! Hope it helps.

Carol said...

Anonymous, as far as I know, The Company Store does not sell German-sized bedding. The other retailers you mention might, but it's hard to get textiles into our county from other countries. Does anyone know of an American business that sells German bedding?!



Anonymous said...

You can get German duvet covers in the United States from the link below. They are located in California.


Anonymous said...

You can order European size duvet covers through amazon.com or directly from JCP Supplies. They deliver to North America and the prices are really good.

Verónica said...


Thank you so much, Anonymous!!

Anonymous said...

We made a trip to Germany to buy bedding this winter. Have not had much luck finding European sized bedding in thr US.
Check out this website: www.thedowncompanystore.com

There are a few true euro sized duvets and cass for sale. Not inexpensive, but cheaper than a trip across the pond!

Anonymous said...

I recently ordered and received some bedding on ebay from Germany, and am sooo happy. However, to get products from another country, you have to select "advanced" search, then for product name enter the word you are looking for in the foreign language, such as "kopfkissen", then go down to the box that says "Location" and select "Only show items located in.." ...enter "Germany". Then you'll get to the German ebay. Only a few sellers will ship internationally, but two good ones are "Bettenblitz" and "Areehaha". You can pay with Paypal just like American ebay. Shipping takes longer because of customs (a daunendecke I ordered almost got slit when customs cut the box open -- narrowly missed). Be careful not to order more than $200 at a time because if you go over, you'll have to pay customs on the whole thing. Under $200 there's no customs charge. I ordered 2 kopfkissens and they came in a great big box! So soft and cuddly, my daughter adopted one of them and I think I'll order another. The quality is just so nice, and not too expensive even with the shipping. I can speak and read some German, but also used "Google translator" a lot to just cut-and-paste the item descriptions and get the English translation, which was very helpful -- especially when I wanted to send a message to the seller in German (reverse translation).

Anonymous said...

I finally gave up and just bought a twin size comforter and comforter cover, then hired someone to downsize them.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a wonderful idea and really want to try it to stop the nightly blanket tug of war..However we live where it is difficult to get the house cool at night..at best we can get it to around 75 degrees. I notice that you are in the Pacific NW where the comforters aren't a big deal year round. Is the flannel bedding any lighter weight?

Carol said...

It's been quite warm in Seattle this summer, so we've actually put the German bedding aside for a month or so and are using one very light blanket. But I look forward to getting back to the fluffy stuff!


Eyeflyintl said...

Oh Carol,

It's all your fault! After spending part of the day shopping in Dusseldorf and finding a great selection of
German duvets (decke??) in TK Maxx (a vice of mine!), I went back to the hotel and researched th sizes of German duvets. I wanted to see if I could make it work at home, since I love the sleeping experience in Europe, especially Germany. So, after triple checking my calculations, I figured two 155x220 duvets folded in half would work on my American king sized bed. I took your advice and got the duvet covers as well since they'd be hard to find at home even in a sprawling metropolis like Atlanta. I bought an extra set of color complimenting pillow covers and was on my way. But why stop there, I thought? Really, who knows when I'll be back in Dusseldorf or even Germany, for that matter. As a flight attendant, my chances are pretty good I'll be back sometime, but it could be a while. So I stopped by Woolworth's and found the best deal on pillows around. AND, I liked their fill size (not too puffy but not too thin-like The 3 Bears). I got 2 of those. Walking to the hotel was a bit tough, but I managed. As I processed my purchase, I realized I needed more pillows. I borrowed a bike from the hotel and off I pedaled with the tune of the Wicked Witch of the West playing in my head. I'd places to go and pillows to buy, and Woolies was closing in 20 minutes. 4 more pillows later, off I went on the bike, with 1 under each arm and 2 clipped nutter that funky bike rack thing on the back. I looked like a big marshmallow on wheels. When I got back to the hotel, I perused my treasures. Wow! What excitement. Crisp, wonderful lofty down-filled items covered every space in my hotel room. Hmm. Every space in my hotel room...well, down compresses, right? It'll be no problem carrying all of this on the airplane, right? I am a flight attendant after all, and I was working the flight back to Atlanta, so no problem. Eire I'm not has heavy as I think I am, or down doesn't flatten completely under body weight. I ended up with 3 bags of purchased items: 2 comforter bags stuffed full of duvet and pillows, and one huge taped quadrupled Woolworth's bag with 4 pillows. I taped the bag so it wouldn't break and keep the down compressed. This was in addition to my work luggage. When the rest of the crew saw me, they flipped. I needed my own trailer just for my things! It wasn't easy to manage, either, precariously perched on top of my oversized crew roller bag. What was I thinking?? German duvets fill up the overhead bin space rather quickly, if you must know. Over the pond and through customs I went, rolling and dragging and lifting, avoiding eye contact from any other crew member from other destinations as we made our way to the Employee bus. Soon I would be at my car, away from all the amazed looks. As I made several trips back and forth to my car unloading my treasures, I finally remembered why I decided in Dusseldorf to change up my bed at home-to make it a luxurious experience when I sleep, and to bring some of Germany home with me. It worked and I love it!!! So yes, all of it is your fault, but THANK YOU! My bed is dressed amazingly, and it is more of a dream than even I could've guessed! PS--you should sell things. :D

elizabeth said...

After living in Germany 15 years, we are completely addicted to their bedding. We had even considered opening a European bedding store in Port Townsend, but felt that without customers understanding of the sizes and quality, bedding would languish in the store. I'm glad to know others have the same love of it!

German Native said...

First Online German Bedding Purchase

Hi everyone interested in German bedding,

In 1990, I came to this country from Germany with my German bedding. And to this day, 3 children later, everybody in my family only knows German bedding, pillows 80 cm x 80 cm and comforters 135 cm x 200 cm. I have never become comfortable with the American system of packing 2 pillow cases with a fitted sheet. What about the comforter case? And where to put all those bulky poly-fill bedding sets? My problem was that I had to get my German bedding in Germany while visiting family. While stumbling onto this blog last night just browsing for German bedding online, something I had never looked into,I found several German online bedding merchants, and using one address today,I placed my first online bedding order. And it was fairly simple, just like ordering from Amazon, which also had bedding, but didn't let me order, respectively didn't allow a shipment to the US. I used the following online merchant:


It gives you worldwide shipping rates. The US shipping charge was listed as 49.90 euros. At that point I didn't know whether the shipping charge was for up to a certain weight. Thinking of my mom sending us German Christmas cookies and telling me that she had to pay around 50 euros for a package of 2 lbs, I didn't know whether heavy bedding packages would just cost around 50 euros or for us at least $ 65 (euro 1.30 or so /1 dollar.
But then I read that, since the merchandise is leaving the country, the national VAT of 19% would not have to be paid, therefore would be deducted. And indeed, the sets(1 pillow cover and 1 comforter cover per set)were reduced by the VAT upon checkout. Since I haven't added up the numbers yet, I nevertheless can say that approximately have the shipping charge came back in form of not paying the VAT. Now, I'll have to see whether import duty will be due and NY tax, once the package arrives. I will let you know. I purchased 3 double sets to get me started and the grand total came to 200.74 euros, so about 260-270 dollars. We will see what the exact credit card charge will be. And the shipping charge was indeed 49.90 euros, in spite of 6 packages. I would have liked to order also fitted sheets, but held back fearing the shipping charge would skyrocket.These ones I can buy at Lands'End without having to buy the American-style open-end pillow cases.

So I'll give you some hints regarding good quality German bedding brands that have been around for some time. These brands are "Irisette", "Estella", and "Paradies" which you will find in good quality bedding stores. Google/bing those three brands. The following German mail order companies, one being Otto, the others Heine and Klingel also offer bedding products.But I haven't looked into them yet.

I found other merchants.

www.schlafwelt.de (sleepworld)
www.welt-der-decken.de (world of blankets)

The actual down comforter that would be covered by those beautiful sets, will cost you more money, depending on how heavy the fill is that is sewn into the boxed squares or diamond shapes. And the higher the percentage of downs is, the more expensive the comforter will be. More feathers and less down, or feathers only, and the price is not so high. But consider, you will have this comforter for many years.
So I am waiting for my package to come. I will keep you updated. When I looked into www.schlafwelt.de, I just looked into the first 5 pages. But there were many more to scroll through.

Maybe you get lucky and can find some reduced winter bedding (that's what I bought, even though spring is around corner, and you can get a good deal. The bedding was separated into winter, spring and summer styles.

Greetings from frigid (again) New York City,


Carol said...

Wow, Gabriele! You have provided LOTS of very useful and helpful information! Thanks so much! Please do post again once you receive your shipment!


German Native said...

My first online bedding shipment ever from Germany arrived today

A big package, just big enough for 6 pillow/duvet covers (German style)just arrived via US postal truck. It came to the US via DHL. I could fully trace the shipment from order to approximate delivery via www.dhl.de. I ordered online on 03/13/14 and received the package today, 03/26/14. No import duty,no NY tax. The value of the merchandise was about 150 euros and shipping about 50 euros. The 19% VAT which would have been part had I purchased it in Germany, was taken out of the price for this export, savings of $ 28.50. A good deal. The online merchant www.bettwaren-shop.de can certainly be recommended. I certainly will make use of it in the future again.

MySkinConcierge Ava said...

Okay now I have returned from Germany and can't wait to convert my King size bed over BUT where am I to start. I laughed as my mother (a long time advocate of German Bedding) trudged home each time carrying large parcels filled with bedding - NOW I know why!

Please tell me where online I can find these items or I will have to call up AirBerlin and return sooner than I thought!

Brenda said...

I am back living in Spain and would love to purchase featherbeds like I grew up with. I will happily drive to Germany- can you please provide the best quality stores and towns for me to head to? It will need to be a quick trip;) thank you so much- hope it isn't too late for an answer! brenda

Carol said...

I wish I could suggest a store for you, Brenda, but I am not an expert on German bedding stores by any means! I know that ours were purchased in a small bedding store in the small town of Hofgeismar, near Kassel, and they were among the best there, but they were gifts so I can't even give you a cost. Sorry! I'd say that any good store in Germany should have them.

Robin in Indy said...

I found your blog when I was looking for German duvets for our king size bed. I lived in Germany (W. Germany then) from 1978-1981 and 1982-1986. My husband and I have battled over the bedding for 33+ years. So we bought a king platform bed (with two twin XL mattresses), but still fight over the comforter. So I went to amazon.de and ordered directly from Germany. Two summerweight comforters, 2 pillows, and two matching sets of duvet covers/pillow cases. I'll order winter weight in the fall. : ) Can't wait to get them and sleep in peace. try amazon.de - you can cut and paste into a translator, and use your american amazon sign-in and pay with your credit card.

Wendy in Michigan said...

I am also looking for German bedding (lived there in the 90's) and found your blog. I can so relate to many of these comments and happy to find the suggestions, thanks! Will try amazon.de Robin, I would be interested in how you like yours.

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