Sunday, December 05, 2010

Newsflash! 7–8 foot Christmas trees are $39.99 at Costco!

But there’s a caveat. You can’t see what you’re buying until you get it home and unveil it.  We were feeling adventurous this morning (and in a hurry because it’s the last weekend the girls are here before heading to Hawaii) so we decided to take the chance – especially because Costco guarantees the trees to be full and nicely shaped.  We bought the tress from these nice guys:


Once Tom cut a slice off the trunk, we brought the mystery tree inside…


…propped it up…


…and unveiled it!

Our mystery tree!

So Costco was right – it IS full and nicely shaped!  What a deal, eh?

We put on the lights and silver balls…


…and then our tree was all ready for decorations!

“Oh, I love the candy cane one!”

Boo waits all year for his tree to come back into the house – or at least that’s probably the way he sees it!



Happy holidays! 

Next event: baking cookies!

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Lynn said...

Beautiful tree! And a bargain too. Love that. :-)

Goofball said...

what a huge tree! It is very nicely shaped indeed.

I noticed it is without roots, that's in the majority of the cases here too but if you put up such a big tree already at the start of Dec, haven't you lost a lot of needles already by the time it's Christmas? how long do you keep the tree for ? (in Belgium we do until Jan 6, epiphany) Because of the needle problem, and also because it's in the long run more ecological & cheaper, we have an artificial tree. I really love it.

Lynn said...

I wish we could do that! Dennis insists on tromping through the tree farm so we can kill our own.

Loved Elisabeth's belch!


Wuhoo Fitness said...

I was at Costco yesterday and saw no trees.... I totally would have bought one if they had them ESPECIALLY at the $39.99 price! Do you know if every Costco is selling the trees or for how long? Congratulations on the great score Carol :o)
Jennifer Wuhoo Malocha

Carol said...

Goofball, it IS a bit early, but had we waited, we'd have decorated alone since Kat and Elisabeth are headed to Hawaii until a few days before Christmas and the boys... well, they have no real (sustained) interest beyond placing a few ornaments -- if that! Fortunately, it's very freshly cut!

Lynn, I can hardly take a video, it seems, without a belch coming from somewhere!

Jennifer, we got the tree at Costco in Woodinville. The trees are outside, behind the store. No crowd at all. In fact, it seemed people didn't know about it!

Lorrene said...

In the video the dog seems to say,"My people just a brought a tree into our house???"
Later near the bottom the cat seems to say, "But they brought it in just for me to lie in front of".
Cats just understand things better than dogs.

Carol said...

So true, Lorenne. So true!

Susanne said...

beautiful tree and what a deal. I just love fresh cut trees, that reminds me of my childhood in Germany, love the smell.
Unfortunately we have an artificial tree. But here in Texas it is probably a wiser sometimes gets real warm in December and the tree looses the neddles so
Just love your tree.
Happy Holidays.....

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