Sunday, May 26, 2019

The nursery awaits

Elisabeth is officially a “primigravida” (advanced maternal age) mom today - her 35th birthday! To celebrate this, we (her “advanced parental age” parents) came to Capital Hill to visit her and Danny, and to see their newly created Pacific Northwest inspired nursery. 

Look at this! 

The nursery is filled with items of sentimental value to Elisabeth and Danny - from the birch tree that Danny climbed as a child that recently had to be cut down (by Danny!) due to disease, to moss gathered at our house, to the wood mountains that Tom made for the recent baby shower, to the ink print Kat made from a tree round in Danny’s dad’s yard (which was also used at the wedding) to rugs bought in Spain on Danny and Elisabeth’s honeymoon.

Here’s the tree in front of Danny’s childhood home and Danny cutting it down a few months ago... 

And finding just the right branches to slice and bring into the nursery...

And here they are in the nursery! 

All this moss (and much more!) was gathered at our place. The baby’s name -which remains a mystery to everyone but Danny and Elisabeth - will go on after he’s born. 

I just love the single, long bookshelf, which is filled with books which were given instead of cards at the baby shower. 

(Of course Professor Ian, Kat’s boyfriend, made sure Baby Markus learns the important stuff early in life.)

And Tom’s mountains above ithe bookshelf work so perfectly.  

One of my favorite things in the nursery is the “cloud” that flashes with various weather patterns (really!) and the raindrop hooks under it. So wonderful!

Elisabeth’s definitely been nesting. She’s ready! Today marks her 36th week of pregnancy, meaning that if this little guy came today, he’d likely be just fine. 

Everything is set and ready to go - including the new parents. 

What a lucky little boy to have such a wonderful home, and room, and parents! We can hardly wait! 

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Maternity photo shoot (It’s almost time!)

Elisabeth and Danny’s baby - our first grandchild! - is due to make his appearance in about a month, and yesterday was the official maternity photo session. 

Location: our home in Gig Harbor. 

Photographer: Kat 

(These first few photos, though, are mine, taken on my iPhone...)

Yay! Kat sent me some her “official” photos. Love ‘em!  Here they are:

Of course I got some shots of the shoot...

What a fun day for all of us! 

After the photo shoot, Danny and Elisabeth made the MOST delicious Indian meal as a belated Mother’s Day gift. 

And then of course we had a backyard bonfire!

It’s amazing that in just a month or so our lives will change so dramatically. I never had grandparents of my own, so this feels like a double-huge deal! 

I just can’t wait!

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Friday, May 17, 2019


Joseph Hauber painted this portrait of his sister, Sophia, in 1828. She was part of my grandfather’s collection and this painting always hung in my childhood home. Today, more than a year after moving in, we finally gave her a most important place in our home - after we veeeery carefully made a few minor repairs to the old and delicate frame. 

I think she looks beautiful. 

Welcome home (again), Sophia! 

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