Saturday, September 08, 2007

Something's Wrong with Boo

We've been looking for Boo since yesterday afternoon. He didn't greet us as we all arrived home at various times, as he normally does. He didn't keep me company as I mowed the lawn as he normally does. He didn't come to the door at 10 PM, ready to climb onto our bed for the night, as he normally does.

By midnight, we were concerned. By 2 AM, Tom drove around looking for him, hoping not to find his lifeless body on some street. And by 5:30 AM, we were somewhat distraught... and certainly not sleeping.

I know, I know -- he's just a cat. But he's our cat and we adore His Goofiness.

As the hours passed it became apparent that something was definitely wrong. And to make matters more disconcerting, we're getting on a plane today, and leaving without knowing where Boo is would be really, really hard.

At 6 AM, knowing Tom wasn't sleeping (because neither of us really had), I offered, "As soon as it gets light, I'll look for him in the backyard and the forest." Just as I said that, we heard the sound of a faint bell -- Boo's bell? -- in our bedroom. We both heard it, but assumed it was Bailey. But wait -- Bailey had been let outside just moments before.

It was Boo.

But wait -- where did he come from? This wasn't making any sense! He just seemed to appear in our bedroom! When he meowed -- or tried to -- it all started to make sense. Boo was sick... or injured -- but something was terribly wrong. Had he been hiding under our bed for the past 12 hours? Tom picked up and held him, but Boo didn't look right at all. His entire expression was different. He seemed terrified. We brought him to his food and he nibbled at a few pieces, then left it and hid under a table, refusing to come to us.

Boo has never refused to come to us! Boo is the ultimate friendly people cat!

This is all feeling wrong, we both decided. What is wrong with Boo?

He ran under our bed, which is exactly where Bailey was when she was so sick... and he's been there since.

The vet opens at 9 AM. We have to be at the airport by 3. We have a very full day planned, just so we can get to the airport on time. But something will have to give, because we MUST get Boo to the vet ASAP!

Stand by. I'll update as possible, hopefully before we leave. (And yes, we WILL leave.)

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you found him and you have a little time to get him to the vet before you leave. You know he'll be in good medical hands soon. Then you can get to the airport and those in your family who are staying stateside can let you know what's up with Boo. Hope it's nothing serious and that Boo is better soon. Don't worry and have a great trip.

My old cat always knew when I was packing for a trip and acted a little weird around those times. Maybe your cat is picking up the clues that you're going away and it's affecting how he acts?

Jen said...

I'm sorry you all are going through this. I hope Boo is okay and you can leave as you want to on time and knowing he's okay.

anno said...

I'm so sorry. I hope all is well, and that you can leaving knowing Boo is okay.

Anonymous said...

What a thing to have happen when you are ready to leave for your trip. I hope you got him in to the vet and that the news was not too bad.

emily said...

Oh no! Praying for Boo...

Carol said...

Hi all,

I only have time for a quick comment as we run out the door...

Just got back from the vet. It seems Boo is the victim of a fairly significant blunt trauma. At first the doc saw and felt nothing. Boo had no fever and the x-rays showed no broken bones. We were concerned that he got into some poison somehow. The doc turned him over and was stroking his belly, saying, "Color seems fine..." I noticed that there was a spot that was reddish and commented that it seemed unusual. Out came the shaver!

It turns out Boo has a big ol' bruise on his belly. He might have fallen on something. (Or, the doc mentioned, been kicked... heaven forbid!?!) It's definitely painful! He's on morphine now and should be on the mend soon.

Boo adores Danelle -- absolutely adores her. You should have seen him HUGGING and NUZZLING her at the doc's office. I took pics. Will post eventually.

So NOW were off to the airport! We should make our flight just fine.... and Boo is in good hands.

Phew! ($350 later... Sigh.)


Anonymous said...

How typical of a cat to hide when it is sick! I can't imagine a cat falling in a way to hurt its belly; I think I'd believe what the doctor says about it being a kick. There are certainly enough sick people out capable of doing such a thing. Hope he is getting better quickly. And have a great vacation!

christina said...

Poor Boo! Glad you found out in time what was wrong and were able to make your flight knowing that your kitty is in good hands.

Anonymous said...

I am relieved to hear that Boo is in good hands, and that you were able to travel without having to worry (too much) about him.. I adore cats!

Bon Voyage!

Anonymous said...

Carol, I'm so glad Boo caught your attention in time for a visit to the vet. Prayers for Boo's speedy healing and for your safe and satisfying journey.

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