Monday, September 10, 2007

Impressions of Munchen

The men are noticeably dapper, tall, and ruggedly handsome (noticed by Carol).

The women have beautiful hair and legs that go on forever (noticed by Tom).

The beer goes down smooth the first time -- and even smoother after that.

Bavarians love to have fun and to laugh AT themselves and WITH you. There might be an inti-American sentiment as a whole in Germany, but you'd never know it during a day in Munchen.

I have spoken way more German than I expected I would and even before the beers, I was somewhat comfortable with it.

The Hofbrau Haus might be a tourist trap (which is why I've never seen it before... because my Bayerische family would never bring me to a tourist trap!), but oooooh, what a FUN tourist trap it is!

Charming, dapper and ruggedly handsome Bavarian men flirt (ha! don't I wish?!) by insiting that you're "fliessend" (fluent). (Ha! Don't I wish!)

Munchen is possibly the most cosmopolitan, stylish city on the face of earth. (OK, of the cities I've visited...)

I very unexpectedly broke into tears reminiscing about my mother in her second favorite city on earth (I think Salzberg was her favorite), and thinking of our time together here in '01. Tom suggested that we buy a beautiful Bavarian candle to light each Christmas Eve in her memory and to "replace" her Bavarian candle that burned next to her during her last week of life. It burned out just as her life did.

Buying stuff in Germany is more fun when the exchange rate works the other way!

If you bring crappy shoes to Germany, you get to buy a pair of REALLY cozy, really cool-looking Teva's.

I have made some progress on figuring out the "handy," but the 3/DEF key is definitely broken, so any sms (txt) messages or numbers I need to dial can't use them. If you're one of my blogger meet-up friends (or wanna meet, either in Nurnberg or Frankfurt on the 29th), e-mail is best for communicating for now.

I can't get an Internet connection on my laptop at this hotel, but might still be able to upload photos. Stand by...

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Jen said...

It sounds like you're having a blast. Enjoy!

Maria said...

You are in my favorite city on this earth! I took Kevin there over Christmas in 2005 (before I knew we were going to spend a season in Germany), and he loves it too (but not as much as I do). I could spend years there... Enjoy! :)

vailian said...

Munich has an amazing proportion of tall blondes! Only outdone perhaps by Stockholm.
It was my first view of Germany, and I loved it... although I still haven't come to terms with the conservatism (Spiessigkeit). That said, I have a lot of very good friends there and love visiting... Please get a dirndl, you will look great in it. (Just don't wear it outside Bavaria :) )

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