Saturday, September 01, 2007

My First Product Review: The Shark Retractor Stick Vacuum is a Piece of Shit!

Here's a review I just posted on epinions/Amazon:

I just spent an hour (maybe more?) disassembling the bottom portion of our Shark Retractor vacuum and cleaning gunk and hair out of the impossible-to-reach tube on the footpiece. The only way to clean that part of the vaccum -- the first part to clog up, since it's closest to the floors -- is by disassembling it (yes, by using a screwdriver... the tiny kind that's smaller than anything in the garage, but bigger than that cute screwdriver for glasses hardware), poking it with something long (I used a marshmallow skewer and tweezers), reaching my fingers in (eewwwww!), and grunting through the finagling it took to get piece after piece of hair 'n' gunkout (see photo).

Can't they just make a click-off piece that opens up the dang thing for cleaning so I can just hold it upside down over the trash can?

And no, in my little rant above I'm not even referring to the removable canister. The hair 'n' crap gathers before that, in the head that can only be removed by a mechanical wizard... or a really pissed off woman who simply wants to sweep a frikkin' floor!

Oh, and as if that weren't enough, the vent is placed on the FRONT of the vacuum so it actually BLOWS directly onto the exact stuff you want to suck up, blowing it AWAY from the vacuum's so-called suction!! What dufus designed THAT genius "feature"? I kid you not, I have to CHASE the dirt and pounce on it to get it before the "vacuum" BLOWS it away from me!!!

I hope this piece of shit has been removed from all store shelves (I bought it at Target), but if it hasn't, steer clear! Take it from one frustrated and peeved "housewafe." (Pffffft... if only that were really descriptive...)

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Dixie said...

You'd think these people would make a few practical tests before selling their product.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how frustrating all these new fangled things that are supposed to make our lives easier are?

It's also really amazing (and kinda icky) with how much hair and gunk is all over our floors. My cat never shedded as much as these dogs do!

Dapoppins said...

* a reader found this review helpful. ---not buying that thing, Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your very descriptive review. It kept me from being sucked in by a super-low sale price. After all, a piece of shit any price is still a piece of shit!

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