Friday, November 30, 2012

A candlelit December eve

(… as in the eve before December 1st!)

Aleks observed this evening that candles hold a special meaning for me. 

Certainly this one does:

…and actually Christmas isn’t Christmas without burning candles.  This evening I tried something new – a candle garden.


I plan to light these candles most evenings before Christmas (except, of course, when we’re in Hawaii!) and just spend some quiet time enjoying them.  My dentist insists that the excruciating toothache that has brought me to his office twice in the past two weeks is due to stress-induced tooth grinding at night.  His solution is a bite plate or a crown; my solution is my candle garden! 

This might also help:






I keep meaning to blog about the finished bathroom – and actually update this post to show all the things we’ve done to the house lately.  I promise I’ll do that soon! Consider this a sneak peek.

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