Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cue the Twilight Zone music!

We bought a lottery ticket this week -- which we rarely do.
As he was leaving for work this morning, Tom mentioned that we'd forgotten to check last night to see if we're winners. At the same moment, he picked something off the floor that looked like a wayward scrap of paper.
It was this:


Neither of us have any idea where it came from.  We went out for dinner at the Mongolian BBQ last night and read the fortunes in the four cookies, but they were boring and normal and we left them on our plates!  Where did THIS fortune come from and why was it on our otherwise tidy floor?!

And why, oh why, is the picture posting upside down when it’s right side up on my computer?  Even when I flip it upside-down on my computer to “give in” to the bizarreness, it STILL posts upside-down!


We haven't checked the ticket yet... will do that tonight.

C'mon! Don't be silly! We don't believe in this stuff!! (Do we...?!?!)

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