Sunday, September 02, 2007

Inside: Cerebral. Outside: Physical

As I look up from my laptop, I see:

Inside: Aleks and Kat will start school this Wednesday. It looks like they both procrastinated all summer and are only now finally getting to their AP Government & Politics and AP English summer assignments.

"We work better under pressure," they insist.

I can't believe they'll be seniors! Honestly, didn't they just start kindergarten?!


The plan has always been to get the hardscape in the yard done by now, but Tom's injury changed those plans and now we're scrambling to get it done. Peter has always been a HUGE help to Tom when it comes to physical labor and mechanical aptitude (i.e. rebuilding the boat engine, identifying the reason that the truck wouldn't start, etc.), and today he offered to do the grunt work on the river bed, with Tom communicating his design vision.

Those two have been such a wonderful team since the day Peter was born!

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J said...

Summer assignments? Is that something new in the US? We don't do that here. What kind of assignments were they given?

Carol said...

Some AP classes give fairly hefty summer assignments which are due on the first day of school. Seems ridiculous to me, too!


Dapoppins said...

Two kids with their kids will never be that old.

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