Thursday, September 06, 2007

This, I Didn't Need to Hear!

Kat: Hey Mom. Guess what? In seventy years redheads will be extinct.

Me (personally offended... never mind that my red hair isn't officially "mine" anymore): Excuuuuse me?!

Kat: Yup. Natural selection. There's really no reason for redheads anymore.

Me: Sure there is! There's always a reason for redheads!

Kat: Nope, they burn too easily, so they're dying out. Us brown eyed brunettes will dominate the earth in just a few short years.

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Blog Antagonist said...

As long as there is Ms. Clairol, there will be redheads. That's very interesting though. Is there data to support this heory?

Home's Jewels said...

Not if I have any say. I'm glad to say that I have helped populate the earth with 3 more redheads.

Anonymous said...

Shaun just told me this very thing...only he wasn't being smug, he was in a bit of a panic...his kind was going extinct!

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