Sunday, September 02, 2007

Comin' Down the Wire

Next week will be interesting.

While I'll spend quite a bit of time focusing on last-minute preparations for the Germany trip (we're leaving next Saturday!), there will also be a whole variety of things happening on the job front as well.

The family game company liked the guides I wrote and will even cut me a check on Tuesday so I can have the funds available for Germany. Or (paranoid me) maybe they want to pay me on Tuesday so that on Friday (yes, the day before we leave!), when the final offer is made for the Director of Product Development position, they won't feel obligated to me for anything if they decide not to offer me the position. I know the competition has been fierce, including candidates who have been flown in from around the country and friends of the CEO, so I'm really not expecting an offer.

I also have an interview on Wednesday afternoon with an ad/merchandizing agency (I know, I know... call me crazy!) for a product manager position for electronic gaming devices and accessories. They know I'm leaving on Saturday, so will try to give me quick feedback... like on Friday!

And... the nonprofit childbirth education and doula organization knows that I am very interested in the Executive Director position, but like many non-profits, things have taken them longer than they expected and they're only now beginning to look at the pool of candidates and setting up interviews. They know I'll be in Germany for the month but want to know if I'm available for a (very) long distance formal phone interview (we've been in touch casually for two months now). That might be interesting!

Oh, and this Tuesday I'll meet with the cultural exchange program about writing their teen leadership curriculum. They want to know if I'm available to start on that at the beginning of October...

So you how sometimes things all just come to a head at one time? That time should be... oh, about this Friday!

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Dixie said...

It's par for the course - everything always comes together at the same time and it's always when you're about to leave town. Happens to me every single time.

J said...

I'll be flying away on Saturday too - to Spain.

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