Monday, September 24, 2007

Magic in Heidelberg

After returning the car (who wants it?!) and saying goodbye to Tom at the Frankfurt Airport, Elisabeth and I hopped on a train headed for Heidelburg. This, my third distinct week in Germany, is now focused on traveling with my exuberant daughter! From the moment we left the airport, we adopted an adventurous, let's-just-fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants spirit. What fun!

I can hardly describe Heidelburg; it just defies a description that encompasses the beauty and emotion here. Maybe it’s the weather – heat and sun turning quickly into a powerful summer storm – but this place feels purely magical! After settling into the hotel and admiring the view of the Alte Brucke from our room, we headed directly for the castle – which instantly became my favorite castle of all I’ve seen in Germany! Elisabeth’s quest for adventure led us into underground passageways and dark, musty rooms, and for three hours we walked around this absolutely majestic fortress, in awe. When the sky became deep purple and the sudden rain poured to the ground, I was almost overwhelmed with emotion.

But it was hearing my favorite Bach Tocata and Fugue coming from the town’s beautiful church that did me in. As we entered the church, the powerful sounds of the organ playing one of my favorite pieces, and the realization that I was hearing this beauty in an amazing town in Germany with my daughter (and missing my mother) was too much and I found myself silently sobbing, tears streaming down my face, completely overwhelmed. Elisabeth and I stood in the church, our arms wrapped around each other, my eyes closed so that I could completely feel every single drop of the experience. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so filled with awe and gratitude as I was at that moment. It was absolute magic.

We ended the day with dinner and beer in a pub seemingly dug into rock, then walked the quaint Hauptstrasse, and finally fell into bed, exhausted.

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Goofball said...

you make me realise I really haven't seen much of Germany at all so far. Thanks for sharing

And do hop by Belgium next time as well!

Anonymous said...


Jen said...

I've been behind on reading blogs for a few days, but your pictures and writing, as always, are marvelous. I'm glad you're having such a wonderful time and am now even more eagerly awaiting my trip later in the year!

Rebecca said...

wow, what a day! You know, that's exactly how I imagine Germany for some reason...restaurants carved into stone...

Not sure why - I think I have to get there and check it out for myself.

Anonymous said...

Your post makes me homesick for Strasbourg, France, which I haven't seen for over 20 years. And we are kindred spirits--when I am listening to heavenly music I always close my eyes so I won't be limited by the here an now.

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