Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Today's Post is Brought to You by the Letter G

Anno had a cute meme, 10 Things I Like that Begin with 'C', that I commented on, resulting in... well, in this post. Anno assigned me the letter G (because, she says, I'm headed to Germany).

So here goes:

10 Things I Like that Begin with the Letter G:

10.) Germany, of course. Especially Bavaria within Germany. And especially Ruhpolding within Bavaria. Mom and I spent two weeks in Ruhpolding, near her home town of Traunstein, in 2001 when her cancer was in remission, and that experience will stand out as one of the pinnacles of my life... for the time with Mom, the time with my dear friend, Thomas, and the love I developed for a region that I can feel in my blood.

9.) Grandparents -- even though I never knew mine. As a child, I always envied my friends who had close relationships with their grandparents because there seemed to be something so pure and deep about the love in that relationship. Fortunately, my children have known all four of their grandparents, and although Tom's father, Papa and my mom, Omi have died, my children will live their lives with warm and loving memories of warm and loving grandparents.

8.) Goofing off and gallavanting. Who doesn't love goofing off and gallavanting?! I'm driven and goal-oriented (hmmm... I should probably include goals in here somewhere, huh?) most of the time, but I also know the value in just saying screw it all and goofing off -- preferably with good friends and family!

7.) Giggling! This goes well with #8, above. It's been far too long since I've drowned in a good giggle. I think I'm due!

6.) Gifts. Mostly giving, because I love the way it feels. But let's face it, getting is good too.

5.) Gentlemen. Yup, I love a gentile, gallant, gregarious gentleman. Ah, that makes me think of... Hugh Grant!

4.) Good Grief, the book I'm currently reading.

3.) Guests. I love having guests. It enhances everything about being at home. I especially love preparing a meal with good friends and guests and enjoying the fruits of our labors together. If Thanksgiving started with G, it'd be on this list.

2.) Google. Without Google, I'd be lost. I need Google. I adore Google. Google makes me whole. I want to marry Google.

1.) Gratitude. Really. I complain because I'm menopausal (and that entitles me), but to tell you the truth, I'm a damn lucky woman and I know it. I have an amazing family -- four kids who actually LIKE being with their parents, a loving husband who puts up with me (and appreciates me putting up with him), I live in a beautiful region of the world (second only to Ruhpolding), and I've been lucky enough to have had a great career that I've (mostly) enjoyed. I'm grateful.

And can I just point out a G-word I am NOT fond of?


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anno said...

Oh, I love your list! Every item. (Although I prefer Hugh Grant when he's not quite a gentleman, such as in Bridget Jones's Diary.)

And I understand how you feel about gravity. That's why I keep vases of gladiolas around in the summer: I think they're gravity-defying.

Thanks for playing!

jennifer said...

Gravity... totally agree.
I would add grapes. Wine grapes to be exact

Anonymous said...

I love this: "...because there seemed to be something so pure and deep about the love in that relationship." We're learning about this. Our little one will be a year old this week.

And isn't Lolly Winston's Good Grief a delightful, poignant read?! I talked with her when she came to Ashland for a book reading. Neat woman.


Anonymous said...

Your children are so lucky to have grandparents. I feel, even at my age, that I really missed out a lot in that respect. All of my grandparents were deceased before I was even born. So sad!
Hope you are enjoying Good Grief. I was disappointed in Lolly Winston's second novel; it was not nearly as good.

Jen said...

Great list! And I hear you on the gravity. Ugh. And I got the letter "D" ;-)

Rebecca said...

I too LOVE google. I want to marry it too. Can we share??

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