Sunday, May 19, 2019

Maternity photo shoot (It’s almost time!)

Elisabeth and Danny’s baby - our first grandchild! - is due to make his appearance in about a month, and yesterday was the official maternity photo session. 

Location: our home in Gig Harbor. 

Photographer: Kat 

(These first few photos, though, are mine, taken on my iPhone...)

Yay! Kat sent me some her “official” photos. Love ‘em!  Here they are:

Of course I got some shots of the shoot...

What a fun day for all of us! 

After the photo shoot, Danny and Elisabeth made the MOST delicious Indian meal as a belated Mother’s Day gift. 

And then of course we had a backyard bonfire!

It’s amazing that in just a month or so our lives will change so dramatically. I never had grandparents of my own, so this feels like a double-huge deal! 

I just can’t wait!

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Tonya said...

These are EXQUISITE!!!

I can say with good authority: be prepared to have your heart explode DAILY!

Margaret said...

What gorgeous photos! I would be over the moon if I were to get a grandchild. I'm hoping it happens soon so I can enjoy it while I'm still youngish. :)

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