Tuesday, December 28, 2010

If she’s 26 years and 6 months, there must be a wedding dress!

Last night we were all just chillin’ when somehow the subject of wedding dresses came up.  With two 20-something young women in the house and shows like Say Yes to the Dress on TV, this is not all that unusual -- not that anyone in our family is even close to getting married… but that doesn’t stop them from offering opinions about weddings – and wedding attire.  I think this whole shenanigans started with Elisabeth’s assertion that “There is NO WAY anyone these days would ever wear a dress like your wedding dress!”  

To which I, of course, answered, “What’s wrong with my wedding dress?  I love my wedding dress!”

At which point eyes rolled.  Of course.

At which point I invited Elisabeth to see the dress for herself.  “No really – go get the dress!  It’s in the garage on the freezer, in a box…”

At which point, more eyes rolled.  (Actually, the same eyes rolled. Again.)

She laughed and headed downstairs, as if all she had to do was hold up my wedding dress and I’d see how out of style it actually is.

(Duh – it’s completely out of style NOW.  It has sleeves, furgodsake.  And an actual neckline!  Eeeewwww!)

The box was opened, the dress unwrapped, and before we knew it, this was happening…


“I STILL love it,” I insisted.  (And I do – especially on her!)  “That’s good, mom!  You should love it!”

And then we had a full-fledged fashion show, complete with a few doozer facial expressions –some from Elisabeth (which reiterate Elisabeth’s feelings about the dress, and which made me love the dress – and her – all the more) and some from Tom who must have found it odd to see his “little girl” in her mother’s wedding dress.

(So I’m interspersing the photos of Elisabeth with photos of me on my wedding day.) 


Tom and Carol wedding B


Tom and Carol wedding E


Tom and Carol wedding C

As much as we were all enjoying this, Elisabeth was adamant that this meant nothing because she really is, in her own words, a bit “freaked out about the thought of marriage.” 

Gee, can you tell?




It was only after all the shenanigans were over that we realized that Elisabeth is now the exact same age – 26 years and 6 months – as I was when Tom and I got married! 

How crazy is that?!

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Lynn said...

So beautiful! Both of you--and your wedding dress is gorgeous still. Love the pics of Elisabeth in the dress with the Christmas tree lights all aglow--she's going to make a beautiful bride...whenever. :-)

Lynn said...
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Maria said...

I think you both look beautiful. :)

Carol said...

Thanks Lynn and Maria! I gotta say, this was one of those sentimental, "when did all that time go by?" moments! She WILLmake a lovely bride, when the time comes... and I love the fact that both Elisabeth and Kat want to RENT their gowns and make the whole event low-key with the emphasis on friends, family, and celebration instead of on stressful, expensive "wedding planning."

Margaret said...

Wonderful! That looks a lot like my wedding dress from 1984. :)

Anon said...

Someday, people will look back at this current era of bridal dresses and cringe at how many women unattractively stuffed themselves into strapless dresses for the sake of following fashion trends, when they would have looked SO much better with an actual bodice. Your dress was beautiful and appropriate for the era. Elizabeth needs to mellow out and not be such a slave to fashion.

Michelle said...

Your dress was beautiful. My mom still has hers. Wait util they try on wedding dresses. They will probably change their mind about renting one. Your husband better have his pocket book out and ready for when their time comes to get married. He will go broke. Just ask Kimberly Next door.

Kimberly said...

My mom had the same style sleeves as you--she said that is all she wanted. I tried her dress on and it was a little big in the bust area hence making it look like a "little house on the prairie" dress but on my mom, it looked beautiful. Elisabeth does look really pretty and perfect in it. :) You did too and hello, Tom's mustache is PRICELESS. :)

Goofball said...

I'm not sure if I find this entire wedding dress trial moving and sweet or somehow weird when there's no actual wedding coming up. I remember how thrilled & shaking I was when trying on my first wedding dress...for my actual upcoming wedding.

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