Wednesday, December 08, 2010

If only their love maps had been stronger, this could have been prevented!

Since working at The Gottman Institute, I have a whole new perspective on relationships and keeping them strong.  I would have loved this video before I worked at TGI, but I have a whole new level of appreciation for it now.

Had this guy known his wife better – had he really understood her inner world (that is, had their love maps been stronger), he would have known that getting her a dual bag vacuum cleaner for their anniversary wouldn’t go over well and he could have stayed out of the dog house.  (“You dual bag!”)

I am still giggling!  Kudos to JC Penny for thinking outside the box and making great use of social media in their marketing!

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1 comment:

jennifer said...

I love that video! Maybe I wouldn't have liked the vacuum cleaner but I would have totally been into the extra computer memory as a gift! (I'd never trust my guy to pick out jewelry for me!)

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