Monday, January 21, 2008

And Now for the Weather

Seattle is enjoying a rare crisp, clear, sunny day today, making it a perfect day to join the "view from my front door" frenzy that's making its way around the blogosphere. (And if that view looks familiar, it's because Susan lives about 500 yards from me -- and we have yet to meet beyond a friendly wave from the car. Shame on us!)

Yeah, so it's sunny and glorious, but it's also cold outside -- so cold that at 2:30 pm, even with the sun shining on it, the lock on the red car was still frozen solid so I couldn't easily move it and decided to just take the picture anyway.

So here's what we see when we open our front door. If I'd have turned 45 degrees, you'd see the red and green Christmas bins filled with house lights, just waiting to be put away. I'll go do that as soon as I click "publish," I promise.

I can hardly wait for Spring, when we'll plant like crazy and add some color to the new landscaping! Can you imagine cascading flowers spilling over the wall and some greenery around the river rocks?

If I walk a few feet and slip, landing right on my ass, resulting in a huge, painful back and blue welt stand on the bridge, looking back to the back yard, this is what I see:


And of course Bailey has to be part of everything and insisted that I take her picture. I swear, her vanity is getting the best of her. Doesn't she look just a little stuck-up? Or did she spy the dog that was wandering the neighborhood and maybe that look in her eyes is fear?

I took this right by the car, just to prove that it was, indeed, frozen, and that the reason I didn't move the car was NOT because I was wearing slippers and my toes were freezing. Or sheer laziness. Or anything like that.

But the sun is out and that's what's important. Even the lichen love the sunshine today!

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Rositta said...

I am totally jealous. At least we had sun today mind you it was also -12c with windchill, brrr...ciao

Berlinbound said...

Ah light - I remember it well.

Anonymous said...

Brrrr cold! I'm not sure if it's better to have the sunshine and freeze or have the gloom and be slightly warmer!

My girls insisted on wearing thongs on their feet yesterday because is looked so warm. Maybe they'll listen to me next time!

Jen said...

We actually have some light today, too. I can't wait to have warmer weather, though!

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