Monday, January 14, 2008

Prompt Me!

Help me!

I've been sucked into the black hole of blogging: I have come to the end of the universe of blogging topics.

That's right -- I'm completely devoid of ideas.




Please -- rescue me! Throw me an idea (or three) and help me escape from this writer's hell! I'd be (ahem) eternally grateful...

Here -- I'll help you: "Carol, you should write about..."

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7 comments: said...

There is always the weather.......maybe ours has been more interesting than yours of late.
Exquisite ice crystals or snow flakes, the new Dreamliner, or resort to something of Solyzehnityen-isque and the gulag of boredom.
random thoughts on the characters seen in a Starbucks, and the next Starbucks. People ar interesting - addd a bit of fantasy to spice it up!

blackcrag said...

All you really have to do is wait... at least one of your kids is bound to give you a topic sooner or later.

If not them, then your pets, and if not them, then your husband. your family is too wacky to leave you bereft of material for long.

But if you want an assignment, I'll give you a photo essay: I need a fix of some western mountains, and if I can't be there in person then I'll come begging at your door for some kind of substitute.

So, get thy camera, and on a sunny day go take picture of mountains! And tell us any stories you have involving mountains.

Blog Antagonist said...

You should write about how your husband looks like D.B. Sweeney. ;?)

Anonymous said...

You could pop over to chookooloonks and get kick started to write a list of things that your life is too short for. My life for eg is definitely too short to worry over my ironing pile/mountain!!
Karen t

Anonymous said...

Your sex life! Just kidding, of course. How about your first memories as a child. Blackcrag's suggestion seems a good one on a sunny day like today. As we well know, tomorrow it will most likely rain again.

Becky said...

I've always been partial to funny stories from childhood. Or the "how I met my husband" or "memories of our wedding day". When I get stuck, I Google for "journal jar" and find questions from journal jars that others have blogged about.

Betsy said...

Oh man! I seem to have been sucked into the black hole as well!

I see you've managed two articulate posts since being sucked into the void. You must have just been at the cusp and looking over the edge. Me? I'm just drifting along with no exit in sight! HELP!!!!!!

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