Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"Mom, I've Been in an Accident"

Those are glorious words.

You know why? Because instantly, you know that your kid is OK. Your kid is alive and conscious and talking, and combined with the word "accident," there is absolutely nothing more welcome and reassuring.

So you take a deep breath, thank whatever stars or deity you thank at times like this, and then move on to the other stuff -- the "you'll pay for the insurance increase" and the "plan to be without a car for a while" stuff. The stuff you're so grateful to be saying to your kid who's pissed at the inconvenience that has intruded upon his/her life, but is alive and well at home instead of unconscious in a hospital room... or worse.

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EuroTrippen said...

Yikes! All I can say is I'm thrilled Robbie can't get a license here at 16 like in America. It's one less thing to worry about...

I'm happy for you that no one was hurt. You're right, that's the important part.

Goofball said...

phew...glad to hear all is fine!

Goofball said...

There is a Belgian blogging couple (that I don't know personally at all) who are coming to Seattle for 3 months since she's going to work/do a project/...(??) for 3 months in the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She's a doctor.

Anyway, I don't know them at all and they don't know me, but I see on their blog that they have some trouble looking for short term furnished housing for 3 people in the cascade neighbourhood.

I simply wondered if you know good websites or resources that they could use in their search for short-term housing? said...


I think that is wellsaid.......the good thing is being ok!

One of our sons rides a high powered motorbike - seriously high powered - I do not worry much about his skill levels, it is the other idiots!

Blog Antagonist said...

My oldest is thirteen...THREE YEARS away from driving, and he is already dreaming of it. We live in a large metropolitan area, with freeways and interstates and very busy city streets. I tremble at the very thought.

I'm so glad your son is okay.

Betsy said...

ACK!!! So glad to hear that no one was hurt!


Rositta said...

Last year my offspring rolled his Honda Element on a rocky mountain road. When it came to rest it was upside down in a live lane, inches from an abyss down a mountain. He and his three friends crawled out all in one piece. I didn't find out about it until I read it on his blog. I almost flew to Calgary to "kill" him for not telling me earlier. It was like a kick in the stomach. I'm so glad your kid is okay...ciao:)

Maria said...

I am already dreading the day...

Glad nothing more was damaged than property!

She-She C said...

Holy Moly! I can sooooo identify after my daughter's ex (THANK GOD!!!) boyfriend totalled her Hyundai a few years ago. Neither they nor the gentleman in the pickup were hurt. Best of all it was the beginning of the end for them. She's now engaged to a terrific young man and planning their 8-8-08 (kinda cool date, huh?) nuptuals.

Jen said...

So much better that they have that experience and come out the other side nothing but pissed.

I'm so glad they were okay!

swenglishexpat said...

It is your worst nightmare, isn't it? What if? There are some tough lessons in life to learn, even though this might not have been your kid's fault; there is always that our car! Thank your lucky star.

Princess Cat's Pajamas said...

I'm so glad nobody was hurt!

J said...

Well, at least some parents do.

I was in one in my mom's car when I was 16 and when I went to the closest house to call home (this was before kids had cell phones), the conversation went like this:

J: 'Can I talk to dad?' [I knew he'd be more level headed about it]
Mom: 'Are you okay?'
J: 'Can I talk to dad?'
M: 'What's wrong?'
J: 'Can I talk to dad?'
M: 'You've been in an accident?'
J: 'Yes. Can I talk to dad?'
M: 'IN MY CAR!!!!'
J: 'Can I talk to dad?'
M: 'IN MY CAR!!!!'
J: 'Can I talk to dad?'
M: 'IN MY CAR!!!!'
M: 'IN MY CAR!!!!'
[dad grabs the phone]
D: 'Hi, you've been in an accident, I take it?'
J: 'Yes. It wasn't my fault.' [it was a drunk driver's fault]
D: 'Are you okay?'
J: 'Yes, we're fine.'
D: 'Where are you? I'll be right there.'

Note: This was 1982 and her car was a 1977 Datsun F-10 - not a fancy one.

Glad whichever kid this happened to has you as a mom and not my mom (and I'm glad that they're okay).

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