Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How I Spent My New Year's Eve

I took this photo just a few minutes after the stroke of midnight last night. (The glass of champagne on the desk in the background even proves it!)

For the past two years, I've been tossing important "to-be-filed" papers into a big box, vowing to someday file them properly in the file cabinet. Actually doing the filing became more and more daunting and I chose to ignore it completely, continuing to toss papers into the box. To make matters worse, Boo decided that box was his and often tossed himself into it, turning and twisting to find a comfortable position and tossing papers around on his own. That didn't help my incentive one bit.

Then came the FAFSA. Or, make that three FAFSAs. To properly fill those out (and my goal is to submit them within this first week of 2008), I'd need some of the papers in that box, most likely the ones buried the very deepest, because... well, because that's just how things go in a situation like this.

So while Nana and Craig watched The Holiday (is that being a good son, or what?!), and Tom baked kipferl cookies (is that being a good hubby AND son, or what?!), and the kids were all away at various New year's Eve parties, I tore into the box, determined to organize every single paper in it -- which I finally accomplished... at about 4 AM.

Now, on to those FAFSAs...

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Anonymous said...

This looks like my living room floor round about tax time!

Happy New Year!

Goofball said...

well, that's a rather unusual activity at New Year, but it must feel like a relief to get it all cleared. Talk about a new start huh!

Happy New Year!

Jen said...

Oy! That was a heck of a start to the new year, but I bet you're glad it's DONE!

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