Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shameless Promotion

Every so often I come across a product that I just really like, and in those cases it's not beyond me to gush and brown-nose and sing praises from the mountain tops.

Smilebox is my latest product crush because it appeals to so many aspects of who I am: scrapbooker, photographer, momdaughtersisterwifefriendetc., geek-ette and Web 2.0 enthusiast, and lover of all things that promote warm fuzzies and world peace. (Dramatic?! Didn't someone call me dramatic on this blog, just yesterday?!)

I'll find just about any excuse to send a Smilebox -- and fortunately, there's a Smilebox for just about any excuse occasion. The coolest thing -- other than the huge variety of designs, of course -- is the ability to embed video into a personal online greeting (which is why this one takes just a bit longer to load). The designs are hugely open-ended and personalizable, which just adds to the fun. This western theme (which is also available as an FBI theme) is perfect for calling my extended family together for our annual reunion this coming summer. (Names have been changed to protect the -- pffffft ... quote, unquote-- "innocent.")

What d'ya think?

Click to play Family+Reunion
Create your own free ecard - Powered by Smilebox
Make a free ecard - it's easy!

(And yes, I would love to work there... and yes, I AM working on it! Be patient, my friends! )

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Jen said...

Oh, how cool is that? Man, I've got to start playing with that.

Anonymous said...

We received a Smilebox greeting from Willi's family in Texas for Christmas. It was great. I hadn't thought of using it the way you did, though. Thanks for the tip!

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