Sunday, July 19, 2009

Reaping what I sew

Last week, when Marco came to visit Seattle, he brought us a beautiful bedspread from India.


As you know, we use German bedding consisting of individual duvets, so one big bedspread won’t work on our bed.  Still, I absolutely love this fabric and was determined to turn it into duvet covers for our bed.

So I got to work.

First stop: Target, to buy a new sewing machine.


  I’ve had my old machine for about 25 years and it used to frustrate the hell out of me so I knew it was time for a new one.

Next stop: the fabric store to buy coordinated backing fabric.

IMG_4153 Once I got home, I set up the new sewing machine and got to work.


Bailey was no help at all!


I measured once, measured twice, and measured again.  Then, scared to take scissors to the beautiful fabric, I procrastinated with Kat and went to the fabric store because she decided she wants to learn to sew now too!  :-)

The Mountain was OUT!


When we got home it could no longer be avoided; I HAD to cut!


I’m not gonna divulge whether I made any significant cutting or sewing mistakes.  Just suffice it to say that if Tom and I ever start the German bedding company we keep talking about, I’ll be doing sales and marketing… not sewing!

Eventually it was time to stuff our duvets into the new “sleeve.”  (Hint: it’s easier to do this if the sleeve is inside out!)


Fluffy, eh?


Time for a mojito break – with mint form our yard! (Thanks Tom!)


And finally, the finished products!


What do you think?  This is look #7 (the other six can be seen here) – and I think it’s my favorite!  Thanks so much, Marco and Ayesha!  I hope you don’t mind that I cut up your beautiful gift, but I just had to!

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Anonymous said...

Carol that looks so beautiful.
I am a German living in Texas and believe me I miss my German Duvet covers..I also own German bedding, my husband and I love it. I just hate that I never can go and purchase the covers I really would like, Always have to wait for visitors from Germany to bring me some......
PLease, start a German Bedding Company...I would be your first customer...lolol
Right now I am waiting for my sister to visit and bring me Ikea covers.....
Liebe Greusse aus Texas,

Tonya said...

Beautiful! (And how fun to have a new sewing machine!) I've heard of German bedding before, but I've never had it/used it. So, with separate duvet covers, can you still play footsies? :o)

Carol said...

Anonymous -- I wrote a letter to Ikea asking why they don't sell their German sizes in America. Something about cost of customs...? So why don't they MANUFACTURE German sizes in America? Heck, they already have the fabric! (The fabric is the same across countries.) So hey -- if they won't sell them, maybe WE will... but ours would be much nicer quality -- like Egyptian cotton!

Tonya -- you can definitely still play footsies... under or outside of the duvet! Tom loves this because he can sleep with his body warm and his feet sticking out.


Heidi said...

Beautiful!!! I really think you might have something with the German Bedding Company. There are a LOT of German immigrants in this area (my parents generation and new immigrants -- just check out the German Language Schools!!!) who probably all have the same complaint or issue.

Margaret said...

I love the fabric and what you did with it. I know exactly what you mean about being afraid to cut. I am a disaster waiting to happen with scissors or measuring!!

Anonymous said...

yeah for Egyptian cotton...sounds
I also don;t understand why Ikea doesn;t sell the German sizes,doesn;t make any sense.Like you mentioned,they already have the fabric....and no matter where you go in the world the Ikea stores look the same with the same products.....go figure...
I so love my separate fighting over covers and they are sooooo fluffy....couldn;t live without them.
Really hope you will start a German beddingcompany..

Snooker said...

I'm lovin' the German bedding now, but it took some time to get used to. I have a full-sized duvet cover that maybe I should just try to do the same thing to.


honeypiehorse said...

Looks terrific! Nice job.

Ayesha D'Souza said...

Hey Carol, can't imagine how u made the bedspread look so wonderful!! Maybe I should send this link to the guys from where I bought it, back in India and they can start making German bedding!!

And I love your family home. If we lived any closer, we would have/ could have considered our next home ;)

Goofball said...

wow you are the bed cover fairy!

ieatmodestmouse said...

i too am obsessed with european bedding...can you please tell me the dimensions of your duvets?? when i was in europe a month ago i tried to hand measure but having exact dimensions would be amazing!

Carol said...

The finished size is 200x200 cm.

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