Saturday, July 25, 2009

These are for you

But you really need to crank up your smell-o-meter to get the full impact!

Two summers ago we planted a few little lavender bushlets in a location that, if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know quite well.


This summer the plants have really taken off and they’ve been practically taking over my favorite (cough-cough) steps.


They’ve looked pretty and smelled delicious, as my dear friend Marco can attest to:

IMG_4083_1 DSC_7575

… but they’ve been attracting gobs of bubble bees* (*photo by Marco!) who think it’s funny to terrorize me as I limp down the steps like an unstable toddler (yes, still)… and they took special delight last week when I wore a full skirt, threatening to fly straight up it, sting me but good, and do their part to match my winter break dancing falling with a summer version.

No thank you!

So after a warm summer rain this evening that chased all but one stubborn bee away, I decided to cut a few bushels of lavender.


Before I could cut even half of it, the box was overflowing!


The house smells fabulous – which is surprising considering that the smell reminds me of the faint smell of lavender in Mom’s bedroom during her final week (courtesy of the Hospice nurses).  But today it says LIFE, not death, to me.

So here you go.  These are for you.


Take a really deep whiff and maybe you can get a hint of the heavenly aroma. 

And hey, when will we be able to contain a smell like this on a little SD card so we can share it with our dear friends?  Marco, Mr. Technical Wizard, could you get cracking on that please? 

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Margaret said...

How wonderful to have the lavender outside AND in! My stargazer lily is getting ready to bloom;I wish I could package that scent.It's glorious!

Anonymous said...

you are in tune with the Tour de France; acres and acres (oops hectares and hectares) of lavender.

Goofball said...

oh thanks, I love fresh lavender!

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