Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bloom where you are (not?) planted

So two days ago our backyard slope looked like this:


Yesterday I spent a few iPod-enhanced hours weeding it.  Afterwards, it looked like this:


Notice that I decided to leave the tall grassy “volunteer” that grew right next to the wall.


I had no idea what this plant was or why it was growing there (we certainly didn’t plant it!), but it just seemed like something that should stay.  It wasn’t prettier than all the other weeds and it didn’t scream out  “don’t pick me,” but for some reason I decided not to yank it.

This morning, less than 24 hours after I finished weeding, this is what I found:


It’s beautiful!


I mean, seriously gorgeous!


Somewhere in this little, tiny tidbit of a story, all my religious/spiritual/philosophical beliefs are encapsulated.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll sit next to this little flower and have a cup of tea.

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Margaret said...

It looks like a lily and yet not quite. Hmmm..maybe a wild variety? I wouldn't know where to start on a patch of ground like that--but you did make lots of progress. (I always feel that way when it turns to spring and I've let all the flower beds go) This spring was better(?) because my husband was out of work, so he did most of the weeding.

Jen said...

Gorgeous, and I concur with Margaret - I'm guessing it's some sort of wild lily. We've had a gift this year of wild black raspberries.

AstroYoga said...

Holy crap - true story. I read your post this morning, and then went out to do some errands. On my way home, I was on the island where I live (in the Danube), and I passed a wall of greenery. Blooming out of the wall of green was one flower - yours! I had to stop and stare. I haven't seen the flower from you yard before, and I have no idea what it is called, but I definitely saw the same one today. Maybe Germany is calling you back.

Carol said...

Tammy -- I've been absolutely CRAVING Germany! I definitely think you're right!


Tonya said...

Yours and Tammy's flower stories have given me a case of shivers! Wow!

Goofball said...

wow, so cool! Do you know what it is?

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