Monday, July 06, 2009

A step in the right direction

Warning: this photo might be completely yawn-inducing for you.


But to me it’s ground-breaking!

Er, perhaps that’s not the best choice of words, considering that the break (or rather, all three of them) was done exactly here on the ground on which I’m standing in the photo.

On January 4th of this year (yes, SEVEN months ago!) I slipped on the ice that lined these steps under the now-blooming lavender. I broke all three ankle bones, tore all ligaments around them, and knocked my tibia and fibula off the foundation of my foot, much like an earthquake might knock a house completely off its foundation.

It’s been a long recovery, but today marked a milestone. See those shoes? They’re pre-injury shoes – on BOTH feet! For the first time since I got hurt, the swelling in my left foot was minimal enough (thanks to a new prescription for mega-doses of Naproxen) that I could slip into both these shoes!

So while you might not want to be in my shoes these days, I’m absolutely thrilled to be in them!

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Anonymous said...

Ahem. Where is the railing?

Margaret said...

That is wonderful to see! I know it's been bothering you a lot.

Goofball said...

yeaaaaay, that is great news

Jen said...

Wonderful news, Carol. I was just thinking about you this morning and thinking about the fact that you can actually garden now, when your break was so severe and it was hard for you to do much of anything.

Carol said...

You're so right, Jen! Seven months seems like such a long time, but when I think back to January and February, when I couldn't move more than a few feet... I'm happy!


Carol said...

Dad, is that ("Anonymous") YOU?! :-)

Tom wants to put up a really gorgeous custom made wrought iron railing. Me? I'm fine with 2 x 4s hammered into the ground!


Anonymous said...

re anonymous - like I said on your 30 June post "it is just being a parent; and as long as you breathe, you will be that!"

Not Dad (well not this comment anyway!)

Anonymous said...

Get the 2X4's in there until you can get around to the beautiful wrought iron. Those steps are scary for anyone. And unsafe to boot. I don't know how you can even stand on the precipice.


Shamir said...

Having broken "only" my lower fibula 3 months ago,
having found your blog while searching for others' stories,
having then fallen in love with your stories and insights,
having looked with sad empathy and recognition at the lo-o-o-ong flight of stairs up to your workplace (just like me at mine), having realized that you are a Project Manager just like me ...
I salute and revel at your joy in feeling ever-closer to your old self. Thank you for sharing this journey your thoughts!

Canadian co-ankle-breaker

Shamir said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carol said...

Thanks Shamir!! How nice of you! Glad I can help someone get through the ordeal!


Shamir said...

Oh, and for good measure, I live in Vancouver, just a hop and skip away, and turned 50 last fall. Our former back yard ended onto a wooded area. And we love gardening, though my wife is busy with it much more than I am lately. :-)

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