Monday, July 13, 2009

Marco Mania!

I’ve been away for almost a week.  I think this is my longest blogging absence in over three years!

Last week was incredibly busy with a few major deadlines and deliverables for some Microsoft clients. I could have probably finished a bit sooner and a bit smoother if only Marco, our amazing Senior Project Manager, technical writer,  and brilliant jack-of-all-trades in our Mumbai, India office had just stayed put and continued to work with me each evening.  But nooooo – he had to go traveling… to Seattle!

I have worked with Marco almost daily (and nightly, due to the time difference) for the past 18 months.  In that time I have come to respect him, revere him, and admire him – for both his technical and professional acumen and for his personal warmth and generosity of spirit.  When he announced that he’d be beginning his vacation in Seattle so he could finally meet our staff, I jumped on the opportunity to host him at our house.

On Friday morning, Marco joined us at the office for a busy and delightful day of working together.  As soon as he fired up his computer, he IM’d me as he’d done a million times before – but this one was different.


I immediately grabbed my camera and snapped a photo of my old friend and my new office mate:


Then Rebekah arrived, squealed with delight upon seeing Marco in person for the first time, and it was a free for all!


Oh wait – it looks like I was the one who’s squealing.  Whatevvvver.

After a full day of very productive work , we partied a bit at the CEO’s house.  Nora, Rebekah’s adorable daughter, gave the evening rave reviews.


In addition to being a technical whiz (check out his blog, Technology at Work (and Play) here), Marco is an avid photographer… so early on Saturday morning he, Kat and I went on a photojournalistic journey to the beautiful Snoqualmie Falls.  Marco shared all kinds of photography advice and secrets with Kat; I just loved watching the two of them together!

The town of Snoqualmie is where old trains to go to die – but Marco and Kat came alive there and snapped away!  Rather than post photos I took there, I’ll steal some of theirs from theirs. Only the best for you!


And Marco’s.

No fair comparing!  Photography is such a subjective art.  They both have such an eye for this stuff. I’m insanely jealous!

After a yummy salmon barbeque at our house…


…we headed to the beer and wine bar recently opened by an ex-co-worker.  Of course we had to take a group photo:


Yo!  Morgan!  Pay attention!

It was a late night, but we all got up early the next day to show Marco our fair Emerald City.  First stop – Seattle Center, from both sea(ish) level and 500-some feet up.



(Lake Union)


Then we  took the monorail to Westlake Center and (get THIS!) walked to and around Pike Place Market (at least a half mile, all told)! Yes, my ankle was absolutely killing me by the time we got back to the car, but I DID IT! 

Oh, and I snapped a few photos in between winces.

IMG_4137 IMG_4122

IMG_4125  IMG_4133

Every time I see our harbor, I think “project manager!  Why?  Here’s why!

Of course, we had to bring Marco to the best vantage point to see our fair city and snap a few touristy shots from Kerry Park on Queen Anne.





A few more touristy sights, like our own fuzzy statue of Lenin, straight from the old Soviet Union…


and our own troll…


and our own seaplane…


…and we headed home to the incredible flavor of the Tandori chicken that Marco had put together in the morning and that had marinated all day.  DELISH! 


See those beautiful placemats and napkins?  Marco’s sweet wife picked those out for us!  I LOVE them!  They also brought lots of Indian spices and mixes with them, so we’ll be having delicious Indian food for months to come… but it won’t compare to a meal actually shared with Marco, in person!

At 4 AM, Marco’s shuttle came to take him away from us.  As he drove off, Tom and I both remarked simultaneously that we feel like we’ve been family friends forever and that we already wish he’d come back!  Soon, perhaps – and hopefully next time with his wife (and maybe a kidlet or two?)!

When we got back into the house we found this next to the (perfectly made) bed in the guest room:


No Marco – thank YOU!  You are so kind and loving and generous of spirit and I feel truly blessed to be able to call you my FRIEND as well as my co-worker!  We miss you already!

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Margaret said...

It looks like a wonderful week--too bad the weather wasn't a little more cooperative. You walked all that way?? You ROCK!! Marco looks very happy to be in Seattle with all of you; I love the place mats and napkins that he brought. (and Indian food is one of my favorites!)

Jay said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit.
Small world too - My husband and I were in the middle of a 10-mile walk from the U-District to Safeco Field, and stopped briefly at Kerry Park - same time you were there. Looked at the pictures and something clicked. Just a bit before the rain hit (we sat it out in Buckley's bar).

Goofball said...

that is so cool! awesome how distant friends can yet feel so familiar and close!

Is he from Portugese descent? his name would seem so.

Mmmm Indian food...MMMMMMMM

Tonya said...

What an incredible time you had, and how cool for him to have you all show him the sights. I'll bet this will be a trip he'll always remember. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Aristarkhos said...

Kidlet or two. haha...that would be fun to see. :)
Hi carol,
Marco told me he had a great time with your family. I knew you would have blogged about it. Looks like you all had a helluva time. :)

Yes, I think Marco is of Portugese descent. He would be the best to tell you, though. He is Goan, which was one of the places where Portugese merchants landed in India. (Me thinks it was the first territory they colonised.)

- Ashutosh

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