Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Peter’s Progress

So Peter’s climbing Mt. Adams at this moment.

Since 3:30 AM this morning, we’ve gotten a steady stream of assuring notifications from him and Paul via their cool, geeky SPOT device.

The latest one said:

“This is a message from Peter and Paul climbing the South Spur of Mount Adams. All is well on our climb.


Time:07/01/2009 14:17:12 (US/Pacific),-121.4832&ll=46.1781,-121.4832&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1

How re-assuring, right?  Well, I’ve decided that there should be a warning notice notifying mommies that clicking on the link might cause maternal distress!

This is where Peter and Paul were about an hour ago:

Peters progress

Now, if you’re a really stupid (and very curious) mommy like me, you’ll zoom in a bit to see where your sweet little guy (who used to ask for your help to jump off the school jungle gym) is currently located.  You’d see this:


He’s on pretty much a frikkin’ CLIFF!  And see those underlined words?  They say “glacier”! 


Silly me.  I zoomed in to see what they’re in for.  It looks something like this:


Doesn’t look all that steep to you?  Try this “terrain” view:


Lordy, lordy!  I think I need a drink!

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Goofball said...

damn those geeky tools ;)

Margaret said...

I couldn't handle that AT ALL. My younger daughter(former gymnast) is now into rock climbing and I absolutely HATE it. When I know she's climbing, I'm a wreck.

Jen said...

That tool is fabulous - they could be pinpointed should they need help. And I'd echo Margaret. I lost a favorite student to rock climbing.

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