Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My obsession with German bedding gets a little out of hand

If you do a search for “German bedding” on my blog, you’ll discover that I’m slightly obsessed with the delicious individual duvets that Laura’s family gave us when we visited Germany in 2007.  I just love giving our bedroom a whole new look every week!

Thanks to my dear expat friend Jen, who I met in Frankfurt, along with other expat bloggers I’ve come to adore, I now have two more German bedding ensembles.  Jen, you’re feeding my addiction!  (And I thank you…)

These are the newest additions:

A happy sky blue:IMG_6463

The inverted (accent is patterned, duvets are solid) zoo look:


The ensemble I made from the fabric Marco brought me from India:


The softest, coziest polka-dot flannel on earth:


The stark black and white look (Tom’s favorite):


The spicy, on-fire look:


Another inverted look:

7-29-2010 7-51-51 AM

Snow white with kitty:


And the “we mean business ” striped ensemble:


Which is your favorite?

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Kimberly said...

I came right inside to check out your blog tonight and got a little teary eyed watching you finish the Danskin. So awesome that you did it w/ your daughter. I did a 5K around Greenlake w/ my mom and it was really special--she loved it. Congrats again. :) Oh, and I like the same duvets that Tom likes as well as your fun new blue ones. Snuggly

Your neighbor--

Goofball said...

the inverted zoo look!

Susanne said...

I am obsessed with German bedding also, big time...lolol. I grew up with it and miss it very much. Wish we could just buy it here. My favorite is Tom's...but I love the blue one also. I am sooo jelous, have to tell my sister to send me some new ones.

Lynn said...

I'd have to mix and match, probably the warm stripey one with one of the black and white patterns. I love the new blue one too.


AstroYoga said...

I live in Germany and my bedding doesn't look that nice! Can you come and visit me and organize my house?

Christine said...

Wow, so many cool looks! I had no idea Germans had such unique bedding. I feel out of the loop! Must...get.. to Europe...

Melissa Keith said...

Carol - have you found any decent sources for buying either the bettdecken or the covers here in the US - or on the internet. I can find lots on, but the shipping is pretty high. Ours are old and worn out and in need of replacement.
ps - I'm in Bellingham, so a 'neighbor' of sorts. :-)

Melissa Keith said...

Have you found any good sources for either the bettdecken or the covers here in the US? Ours needs replacing and I'm not having any luck. I found lots of them on, but the shipping is relatively high.

PS - I'm your neighbor, up in Bellingham. :-)

Carol said...

Hi neighbor Melissa!

Unfortunately, I have not found a good source of bettdecken (and associated textiles) in the US. If anyone knows where they can be found in the US, do let us all know!

Melissa Keith said...

Carol - I ended up ordering 4 bettdecken on (2 winter and 2 summer weight). The total cost, including shipping, was 99 euro. I used my daughter's Amazon Prime account and they arrived here in about 5 days. It was amazing!! I love them and will not hesitate to order again when these wear out.

oh - ours are poly fill as my husband and I both can not sleep under down covers.

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