Thursday, August 05, 2010

Blue sky, Blue Angel commute

Taken (by Kat) as we crossed the 520 bridge this morning:


The Blue Angels are in town and we timed our ride to school/work perfectly to see their morning practice session!

I look forward to the first weekend in August every year because that’s when the Blue Angels come to Seattle.  Tomorrow at lunch time I think I’ll take my work team on a field trip to Matthews Beach to watch the first Blue Angels show of the weekend.

Then, on Saturday, I’ll multi-task.  I’ll ride my bike on the Burk-Gilman Trail (the Danskin is in just over a week… yikes!) and just start riding until I find a great place to watch the second Blue Angels show of the weekend.

On Sunday, I’ll rest.

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Heidi said...

Oh, is Matthew's Beach a good place to watch?? If so, maybe I'll go with the kidlets as well! I haven't been there in YEARS!

Carol said...

Well, it's close to my work. But yeah, it seems to me it'd be a GREAT place to watch!

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