Monday, August 23, 2010

A very Woodinville evening

It started with this e-mail to Tom, a week after the Danskin Triathlon.  (A week, by the way, of NO exercise.)



As we left Woodinville, the sun was already quite low in the sky.

IMG_6537 IMG_6538

“Oh look!  There’s Redhook bewery! Let’s stop there for dinner on the way back!”



The Mountain was so OUT!


We headed down to Redmond …


…and back, just as the sun was setting. 

(Summer is definitely coming to an end.  Sigh.)


What are those two specks in the sky?


We finished our ride (14 miles) since it was getting dark, then put our bikes on the bike rack and drove back to Redhook, followed by said specks which were, of course, hot air balloons!  (This is, after all, Woodinville, famous for wineries, breweries and hot air balloons!)

image image

As Tom ordered his beer and some appetizers, the balloons came closer…


…and closer…


…and closer…


…and closer…


…until one passed directly over the Redhook “spire”!


Joining us for all this was our waitress, Linden, Elisabeth’s dear friend from high school who has become a great friend of the family and who just happened to be working at Redhook when we happened to decide to stop there for…


…very Pacific Northwest fare!


What a perfect Woodinville evening!

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Tonya said...

What a PERFECT evening! And yes, the sun is setting so much earlier now. Makes me so sad.

Goofball said...

looks absolutely perfect!!
Oh and I'm so envious for your blue sky, we have had a lot of fall weather in August so far.

c said...

What a lovely evening you had. The balloon looks so beautiful in that sunset light.

L.Marta said...

YAY! I made you blog. You are amazing woman...keeping up a blog like this, I can barely check my email.

So good to see you guys!

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