Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The First Thing I'll Do When I Get a Job

... is hire someone to clean the house. (Too bad they clean only and don't tidy...)

*Photos taken with my old camera. Kat has taken possession of the new camera, learning all about f-stop and ISO, and taking amazing photos!

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Anonymous said...

Kat should hire herself out for lessons when she's done. I learn stuff, then forget it just about the time I want to use it. Photoshop is my BFF.

Dixie said...

Your home resembles mine an awful lot. And I'm at home all day so I have no real excuse for it being cluttered.

Oh well. B always tells me he'd rather I spend an hour with him than an hour organizing clutter...until I have to find something he wants and I can't lay my hands on it! Heh!

Rositta said...

Looks like my house too, most days. I do have someone to clean so I have to tidy every two weeks, sigh. As I tell my sweetie, it's good clutter...ciao

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