Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Facebook" is a Verb

"Are you gonna facebook those pictures?"

"Facebook me when you get home!"

"Did you see what he facebooked yesterday?"

We saw it happen with Google (noun) years ago, and now we all google (verb) pretty much on a daily basis -- and chances are we've all even performed an "ego-google" by typing our own name into the search box. (Admit it, you've done it!)

But have you facebooked yet?

Until yesterday, I was a facebook virgin. But today I'm just slightly more cool because I am a member of that distinct and elite (ha -- can you call it elite when it has a bazillion-kajillion members?) Facebook (capitalized) group!

I think you might have to be a member to see my page (see reference to "elite" above), but come check it out! And if you're cool like me, we can even be friends!

I must admit, I feel kinda like I've been invited to a frat party...

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Goofball said...

Hello, I'm facebooking too :). it's fun, but there aren't as many Belgians on, although it's picking up now.

btw, I am Ellen

Home's Jewels said...

I joined maybe a month ago. It's great to get in contact with old acquaintances. Sent you a friend request :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! You are my first non-family member facebook friend! Now what do I do with it??? LOL

Frat party? Is THAT why you made your own home brew?

Carol said...

LOL! I don't think I've been to a frat party in 25 years, maybe more. (No interest, either!) The home brewing thing? It has to sit in the garage now for weeks -- or is it months?! Peter will probably be 21 when it's ready!

Regarding Facebook, I'm as lost as you... just experimenting around the place!


emily said...

Another one sucked into the vortex.

Hi, my name's Emily, and I'm a Facebookaholic. I also sent you a friend request ;-)

Dixie said...

MySpace, Facebook - I just don't get either one - I haven't seen the point of them. I have a MySpace page but I've done nothing with it so I haven't felt the need to move on to Facebook.

I know. It's just me.

EuroTrippen said...

I resisted the urge to facebook forever, only to finally be lured in by a friend who'd been asking me to join for months. It's fun. I like blogging better, but some of the groups you can join are pretty interesting.

Off to add you as a friend...

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