Wednesday, August 08, 2007

An Evening with the Seattle Sounders

Introducing this evening's guest author, Aleks, the family fussball fan:

Uhhh...I don't really blog so I don't know how to do this. Carol was like "Hey, write about the game" and I was like "OK sweet." So, sorry if I don't use sweet, witty-like parenthesized side comments. I'll make it up to you all with some wipper-snapper lingo. Like sick. Or dank. Or dankass.

We went to the Sounders quarter-final US Open Cup game against MLS side Colorado Rapids. Rapids have been playing like shit lately, their last ten games being 0-7-3 in league play. I wasn't really worried since the Sounders haven't lost a game since Rochester or some equally no-name team from some no-name state.

The game was thoroughly one-sided. Sounders won 5-0, scoring 3 in the first half, 2 in the second. reports Roger Levesque's goal as an own goal but that's bullshit, cause the stadium announcer said otherwise. And as a rule of thumb I trust overpaid deep-voiced stadium announcers over sports columnists.

I think Erpen was sent off near the end of the first half for receiving two yellow cards, and Ihemulu almost got the same treatment when he shoved a Sounder. Besides that, the Rapids looked absolutely horrible. They didn't have enough men on their back line because every single goal of Seattle's was a long ball that Garden, Scott, Le Toux, Levesque or that other guy caught up to. Rapids' only attempts were lucky volleys into the box, and none of those culminated into anything.

Thank you, Aleks, for the guest comments. Go to your room for the curse words (ha... I should have such influence!), but otherwise, you definitely provided far more soccer substance that I ever could!

Although I enjoyed the game and cheered all five goals like any good Sounder fan, I spent quite a bit of time just enjoying my kids' reactions!

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