Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Month from Today...

...we'll be winging our way to Germany!

I'm excited to introduce Tom to the land of my (and his, though further back) heritage. I'm especially looking forward to showing him my favorite place on earth and my mother's heimat, Bavaria -- and particularly the region from the Chiemsee to Salzburg to Berchtesgarten to Garmish (the German and Austrian Alps).

Elisabeth will join us once we head north and the three of us will visit Laura and her family together. And then Elisabeth and I will put Tom on a plane and she and I will travel together for a week, to Heidelberg and Nurnberg and who knows where else?!

Oh, the places we'll go:




Garmish and Mittenwald

The Romantische Strasse:





Laura's home, near Kassel




(Growl and roar and GRRRRR! Can anyone tell me how to easily caption specific photos in Blogger?!)

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Unknown said...

My son and I spent a wonderful week with German friends in Heidelberg this past April. Beautiful country, wonderful people.

Anonymous said...

haha I just spent some time this afternoon to update a map in my facebook profile of "cities where I've been".

All of a sudden I remembered visiting Bavaria as a little child with my parents....images of die Wieskirche, Köningsee, Oberrammerau, Neuschwanstein...came back to me. Haha and now you post pictures of Die Romantische Strasse as well.

So if you come to Koln...why don't you cross the border and visit Belgium as well? We have some marvellous historic cities as well! And after Sept 19th, I could be a tourguide in the weekends. Before that I am in the USA myself :) touring New England.

Dixie said...

Now when exactly are you going to be in Berlin?

vailian said...

Yeah, Blogger and pictures, tell me about it!! But I don't have time to worry about formatting all that much.
The only foolproof way is to actually put titles into the jpegs with Photoshop or ACDSee or whatever else you use.

Rositta said...

I have cousins in Kassel that I haven't seen in years. Not this trip though, I start in Wiesbaden and plan a road trip to Trier and wherever else my friends car will take us. Less than a month we leave for Greece and in a little more than a month I'll be in Germany too. Too bad were not in the same place at the same time...ciao

Michelle said...

Yippeee! So exciting...and what a great time of year to make the trip! I hope you get some early Golden Oktober weather for your stay. If you need anything in the Munich area, let me know!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!

I used to dream of visiting Germany to visit my grandfather's family. Now I can't even remember where he was from.

Jen said...

I saw you reading a lot of my favorite blogs and thought I'd check yours out. Wonderful post on Germany! I love it, too. I hope you have a truly wonderful trip! I'm jealous.

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