Monday, August 27, 2007

Too Busy Working to Look for Work

I have so much work to do!

Wait a minute, you say. You're LOOKING for work. How can you have "so much work to do"?

Well, yes. I am looking for work. But I've also been asked to do some freelance writing and development work... by, coincidentally, two of the companies I've interviewed with!

So here it is, Monday morning, and I'm trying to plan my day. Do I dive into the work for which I've signed a contract and that I'm actively working on (writing a birthday guide for the family game company)?

Do I review the contents of the 3" binder of the exchange organization that has asked me to look into the possibility of writing their full 2-year curriculum, devising a necessary, but time-consuming and unpaid in-depth bid?

Do I spend the time with Idealist, Craigslist, Association of Educational Publishers, and other web sites for job-seekers, hoping to find the perfect job that way?

Do I nurture my vast, but neglected professional network, contacting friends, former co-workers and business associates about my continued hunt for just the right job?

Or do I just say screw it and do the very least responsible thing -- pack for the completely (financially) irresponsible trip we'll be taking in two weeks?

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Anonymous said...

I think the universe it telling you to just keep interviewing and accepting freelance work! Who needs to have a regular gig with insurance and everything? LOL

Steffi said...

I come from Susan´s blog...
You have a nice blog!Many greetings from Germany!

Steffi ;O)

jennifer said...

Pack. Definitely. That's always worked well for me!

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