Saturday, August 25, 2007

IKEA: A How-To Guide

DON'T worry if you forgot directions. The IKEA sign can be seen from continents away (well, maybe Canada).

DO play on the IKEA car!

DO have lunch at IKEA's restaurant. And DO have the Swedish meatballs. (And DO remember to take the photo before you begin to eat!)

DON'T dry the duvet cover you bought at IKEA last year on the "warm" setting. It will shrink.

DON'T fret about buying a whole new duvet cover and pillow sham set this year. Hell, for $39.95 even an unemployed old lady can afford a new set!

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Anonymous said...

When were you at Ikea? I was there today, around 10:30 or thereabouts.

Jen said...

DO have the daim torte the next time you're there - my Swedish exchange daughter got us hooked on it.

Anonymous said...

How randomly awesome that you and I would have Ikea experiences the same weekend--only I didn't see the beetle in my Ikea, I just drove there in one!

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