Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Anticipating Catiness

Elisabeth just called from the road. She's bringing Viola, otherwise known as The Ice Princess, home for a month because Elisabeth will be traveling for the next month (on business as well as with me).

In the span of 20 minutes on the road after being put into the car (in a cat box, but she then escaped from it), Viola peed all over Elisabeth's car, then climbed on her lap and pooped, and then, as I was talking to Elisabeth ("she whaaaat?!"), Viola puked all over the car! Elisabeth was in stitches as she was giving me a play-by-play!

Poor kitty -- Ice Princess or not.

And once Viola gets home (within moments), the crap and abuse will likely continue, as I'm sure Boo and Bailey (those sweet, lovable, cuddly creatures) will NOT be happy to see the Ice Princess at all!

Watch for updates.

(Why do I see Boo, in my mind's eye, with Viola dangling from his mouth... a pose I see quite often these days as he brings me his hunted treasures from outside?!?)

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Anonymous said...

Poor ice princess! We are probably going to Germany in April, so I'm not sure what we will do with our three "babies". Up until now my son always took care of them. But he has almost two year old and a 3-1/2 week old now, plus he works many, many more hours now, so I don't want to bother him with it. Have you ever kenneled your cats?

Jen said...

Oh traveling with cats is such fun!

deeje said...

Awwww... poor princess!

Our first kitty was fine with traveling in the car. He used to sit in the back of the hatchback, enjoying the scenery. And then we adopted the second cat, who told the first in no uncertain terms that CARZ R SKARRY. It was never the same.

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