Saturday, August 04, 2007

Can You Tell the Difference?

...between these photos (taken by Kat with the new camera while Tom and I created a little surprise in the front yard -- photos to come!) and the other photos on my blog?

While Tom and I were working (on the surprise) in the front yard, a very friendly woman with her family walked by. I greeted her casually as I do to anyone walking by our house. She slowed down and asked, somewhat cautiously, "Carol...?"

It turns out that I had just met Susan, who had found my blog via So Many Blogs, So Little Time... and turns out to be a NEIGHBOR! We had a very enjoyable first conversation and I hope we'll have more (when we're not in a hurry to beat the setting sun).

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Anonymous said...

Those photos of the cats on the tree are really sweet!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I have one of those plants that are on the second pictures, the one with the wheel barrow. They spread nicely and not too aggressively and have very pretty purple flowers in the Spring/early Summer.

Michelle said...

Looks like the camera is taking great shots! Will be perfect for your trip!

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