Thursday, July 05, 2007

Worried About Bailey

Bailey seemed somewhat lethargic this morning, but I assumed that for some reason she was more tired than usual due to the heat, or perhaps just scared of the intermittent BOOMS that had been sounding in the neighborhood all day, or that she had just decided to be lazy and sleep. This evening, when we left for a holiday celebration at a friend's house (she had seen my blog and suggested that Tom and I not have an "independent day," but instead that we celebrate with her family and other friends... thanks Lynn, it was great!), Bailey didn't seem any better (or worse).

But when we came home, she just didn't look right. She has absolutely NO "spunk," which is completely unusual for her. Her eyes didn't seem to focus well and she just wasn't as alert as normal. She doesn't want to move more than necessary and she just seems to want to sleep.

And what REALLY concerns me is that Boo is largely ignoring her. That's what really has me concerned! Boo and Bailey are normally so connected and constantly together, so Boo's apathy toward Bailey when Bailey seems to be feeling like hell, is just not right.

If there's no change in Bailey's demeanor or activity level by morning, I'll take her to the vet. Cross your fingers, please. I love this kitten!

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emily said...

Praying for Bailey...

Anonymous said...

Hope Bailey is better soon and it's nothing serious....h

Anonymous said...

It's not unusual for one animal to stay away from another that is ill. I would certainly have Bailey checked out and hope for the best. It's always so tough when the kitties get ill; they can't tell you what's wrong.

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