Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bailey Update

Bailey was faring worse this morning, refusing to eat or drink, not wanting to move, or even open her eyes. SO not like the kitty we know and love!

I called the vet first thing and took their first available appointment, at 2:00 PM. I called Kat (who Bailey "belongs to" -- a 17th birthday present), who was at a friend's cabin on Cameno Island. Fortunately, they were heading home when I called. An hour after I called the vet, Bailey seemed worse. I called back and told them that I was heading there and that I'd wait to be seen, hoping we could get in before our 2 PM appointment.

The doctor saw Bailey immediately. She had a fever of 104 and was obviously very sick. I had mentioned that both Boo and Bailey have been catching birds lately and the doctor's immediate suspicion was salmonella. Apparently there's been an outbreak in this area lately, so it's a reasonable suspicion.

Poor Bailey endured a whole variety of invasive and annoying procedures! She had blood drawn, had an antibiotic pill forced down her throat (we need to do this for six more days) and was sub-cutaneously hydrated -- which means that she's now carrying around what looks like a water balloon under the skin on her back. And needless to say, she was (and is) pissed.

She's home now, sleeping, and not moving at all -- just sleeping in the same position hour upon hour, poor kitty. The doctor will call tomorrow with the results of her blood test, but hopefully she'll be feeling gradually better from here.

Boo wants nothing to do with her, especially since she returned from the vet smelling like alcohol from the injections, as well as like a variety of strange animals and like a strange place. We, however, want everything to do with her and can't wait until she's back to her ol' self!

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Anonymous said...

Poor baby! Hope she gets better really soon.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! I'll be hoping she perks up and is back to her old self very soon!!

Goofball said...

Oh no, poor kitty :(. That's no good.

Give her a gentle get well hug!

Betsy said...

Oh no! Hope she feels better soon!

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