Friday, July 20, 2007

Seattle's Suffering from a Case of Weather Confusion!

A week ago I was hot-flashin in the middle of a 100-degree heat-wave... and today Lady Seattle isn't sure if it's winter or fall, but she's pretty dang sure it ain't summer!

It's been cool, gray, and pouring (not just drizzling) all day. People are ordering soup instead of ice cream and going to movies instead of to the beach. (But they're still bicycling to work!)

But you know how I know that the Pacific Northwest is the perfect place for me? Because I prefer this!

(Yeah, Kat and I did swoon a bit over ladybug rain gear. If only they came about 47 sizes larger, I'd buy myself a blogger-gift.)

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1 comment:

Nikita T. Mitchell said...

I think the weather is a bit crazy everywhere. I'm here in london for the summer yet summer is nowhere in sight!

Oh and I found your site through your comment on metro dad's site.

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