Monday, July 30, 2007

The State of the Pre-Union

What a weekend! The only problem with it was that it ended far too soon. How silly of us to gather from as far away as Texas, and only be able to come together for only two nights and one short day. Just as we were beginning to form real friendships and get to know each other better, the weekend came to an end.

For next year's RE-union, we'll have to find a way to block off more than a day or two on our busy calendars. Why is it that work and the craziness of our daily lives so often prevent us from stopping and taking some time to savor what really matters -- family connections, friendships and rejuvenating "down" time? We tend to so often back-burner the really important things in life and get so caught up in the heat of our daily lives that we forget... or deny... or excuse ourselves from making and maintaining the connections that really matter -- and deny ourselves the fun and relaxation that we need.

Dad and Lou did, indeed, announce -- as casually as they could, but there was no denying the depth of feeling and the great significance of -- their love and commitment to each other for the rest of their lives. It was touching for all, very emotional for some, and definitely a wonderful impetus for a family celebration. Lou's three sons, some children and grandchildren joined Dad's sister, her husband, three of Dad's four children (unfortunately, my little brother and his family couldn't make it) and his grandchildren for a wonderful weekend at Howard Prarie Lake Resort in Oregon. We played, ate, swam, sunbathed, read, nurtured familiar family ties and established new friendships. Some of the more adventurous among us even attempted kite sailing! This is Tom making a go of it, with my brother Michael barking orders at him!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful time, Carol. Something that, even if it should never happen again, will be such a great memory.

J said...

Go Tom!

Sounds like a great time. Did people sleep in tents with people they had just met, or did family members sleep in the same tents?

Carol said...

Actually, only some people slept in tents (and all confined to "known family"). Dad also rented five schooners (that word, we learned, is a fancy name for "trailer") for those of us who refuse to sleep on thin pads on the dirt with a mil-thick piece of fabric called a tent under and around us.

I used to LOVE tent camping... but now I appreciate it from the comfort of the parked vehicle with a mattress, running water and a heater!


Anonymous said...

I'm SO with you about tent camping. I'm glad you all enjoyed each other's company so much. Now you know that you need to schedule more time next year.

I like your new pic

Betsy said...

Sounds like fun! Glad you enjoyed it and now you're several family members richer! Can't beat that! :-)

Anonymous said...

That family photo is wonderful. Glad you all had a good time. The kite sailing video is very funny. Was he supposed to go up in the air with the kite or what?h

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