Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tidbits, More Tidbits and Even More Tidbits

Rebecca is the most recent to tag me with the "Seven Things" meme. I haven't answered the numerous meme requests to this point because I already posted these "50 Tidbits" and these "50 More Tidbits" about myself last August, which combine to make 43 whole more tidbits than Rebecca asked for! :-)

I'd add seven more tidbits, but I found a job I really want to apply for and I'm gonna do that tonight instead of a long blog entry. Whatd'ya think of this job?! I think it sounds like the perfect fit for me (and me for it, I hope) and exactly what I was looking for, but couldn't quite define. Wish me luck!!

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Anonymous said...

Looking at the job description and at the 'One World Now!' website... Wow! That seems like the perfect job for you. And it's right there in Seattle. Best of luck with this!

Anonymous said...

This looks really cool! Fingers are crossed.

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