Monday, July 09, 2007

Doggie Dippin'

The weather in Seattle has been quite warm for the past few days, and the forecast for this week is for increasingly hot days. Today was the perfect day for Kat and I to take Shasta to the off-leash area at Marymoor Park so she could chase some balls, swim a little... and even combine both.

This is the trick she learned today. The first time she put her head under water looking for her ball, she came up spittin' and sputterin', but within a few moments she was an expert (unfortunately, I didn't capture the "catch")!

OK, so maybe unemployment does have a few up-sides after all -- like going to the park in the middle of a work day. Of course, I could also do that in a remote or freelance work arrangement...

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Rebecca said...

Indeed - apart from the lack-of-money problem - all the free time that comes with unemployment is quite lovely.

I tagged you, by the way!

Anonymous said...

I was afraid the pup was going to drown. Glad it worked out well!

vailian said...

Cute video. Doesn't sound like you are bored yet!

Looking forward to meeting you all in September.

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