Thursday, July 26, 2007

Are They Still Called Step-Brothers if You Meet Them When You're 50?

In about an hour I'll meet my "step-brothers" for the first time. (Even though Dad and Lou aren't married and never will be, they live together and are committed for life -- and saying so publicly is a large impetus to this weekend's "pre-union.") Steve is a year older than me and Jim is my age. There's also Paul, who is two years younger than me, who I met last summer.

Not sure if I should be gracious and lady-like or if I should just get it over with and stick out my tongue at them and run away, like any good half-sister.

And damn, what if they're manly and good looking? (I've seen pictures; I already know that they are.) Does that alter the required meeting-step-siblings-at-50 decorum? Might I catch myself flirting? (As if I just couldn't help myself. Puh-leeeze! I'm 50! I wish!) And if I do, wouldn't that just be wwrroonngg, on so many levels?

Lou went to pick up her sons at the airport and Dad went to get pizza. And as I wait at home for the new family to come home, I feel like the sister who's waiting to see who Dad and Mom brought home from their trip to the hop-spital.

Addendum: Really nice guys. New friends -- and there's not much better than new friends.

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EuroTrippen said...

As an only child I think it would be great to suddenly discover any sort of half/step sibling!

Dixie said...

Wait. They're hot? And you're not showing us pictures? What kind of half-sister are you? Heh!

Anonymous said...

How fun to suddenly have more family. I'm glad to hear they are great guys as well. :)

Goofball said...

how exciting to have your family enlarged now!

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