Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Seattle heat

Kinda different than some of my previous weather posts, eh?!

I'm allowing myself to do very little today. I'll mow the lawn once it's not directly in the sun.

Other than that, it's a Blogger 'n' Oprah afternoon!

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Anonymous said...

Good grief, it got to be 102 deg. here in beautiful Maple Valley. We always get a few degress warmer being in the foothills. I HATE it! That's one of the reasons I moved away from Wisconsin. said...

Struth.........actually warmer than us. Current temp range 14 or 15C to 27-29C. Absolutely delightful weather. Even cool enough to wear a sloppy joe cotten jumper at night while watching "le tour"!
NEVER believed the sun made it THAT warm in Seattle!

Goofball said...

Grrr still incredible lousy weather here. I am getting depressed. Had the heating on yesterday evening again.

boooohoooooo.....I want some sun and heat.

this weekend has excellent hot predictions though. I am counting down.
Next week it'll be over again though. Life's tough.

Anonymous said...


I've been reading your blog for about a week or so after I stumbled across it from a blog review site.

With this post, it just dawned on me that we must be neighbors! I think you have that entertainment unit in front of your house right now with a free sign on it?

Don't worry, I'm not going to stalk you. I've been meaning to de-lurk, but never expected to come across a blog of someone I might have seen at safeway or out watering their lawn! (And if you don't want me to come back here, I won't. In fact I thought of just never coming back and not saying anything, but if you lived in say, Kansas, I would love to hang out at your blog sometimes!)

Carol said...

Now that WOULD be creepy, Susan... if your name weren't Susan and if YOU didn't have such a cool blog!

Funny thing is, I randomly came across YOUR blog yesterday, too! Man, it IS a small world inside that great big one, isn't it?

Come by and say HI... or take the entertainment center. You KNOW you want it! ;-)

Here's to cooler temperatures today.


Grace said...

Hey Carol -
It's so hard for me to complain about the heat since I couldn't wait for the sun to get here! I'm pretty lucky I guess since living on the water means the temps stay cooler and we get an ocean breeze through the house. I forget that it's probably damn uncomfortable for inlanders!
So here are some tips on keeping cool, based on your many posts over the last several months: 1) toss boo a couple ice cubes to chew/lick on; 2) slip on those comfy merrells you just bought at REI, 3)sit out on your deck and look at the cool green lawn and trees, and 4) drink a cold German beer (or 3!) (do they drink them cold in Germany?)
Keep posting, my friend - it's always fun!
- Grace

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