Thursday, July 12, 2007

Well, at Least I'm a 10 at SOMETHING!

A few months ago, I submitted my blog to this site for review. I'd completely forgotten about it until today, when I added a few blogs to my "favorites" list (check them out way down there in the right column -->) and I decided to look at my Technorati profile for the first time in months to see who in this big ol' world links to my blog -- and there it was: a review of my blog, with a perfect 10 rating... which apparently earns me a spot in the coveted "Top Scores" section!

What does it mean that this review sent me practically over the moon with pride and giddiness?

It feels a bit like that feeling I used to get when the kids were all young and a perfect stranger would come to our table in a restaurant or stop us on the street, simply (and wholly) to compliment us on our "cute" or "well-behaved" kids. (I considered "well-behaved" to be the bigger compliment; "cute" was achieved just by virtue of a random gene combination.) My chin is a little higher today, thanks to the ladies at "So Many Blog, So Little Time." Thanks guys!

After finding out that I might not be the best top executive, it sure was nice to find out that at least I'm a fairly decent blogger. Now all I need is for someone to pay me for blogging -- without adding all kinds of ads to my blog.

Anyone...? Anyone?

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Rebecca said...

congrats Carol - what a great review!!

J said...

Fantastic! I've just submitted mine, but I'm sure my blog won't score anywhere as high as yours with the drivel I post.

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