Friday, July 13, 2007

101 Ways to Procrastinate

My to-do list for today includes systematically going back through all the job-seeking-related contacts I've made since April and following up, in an attempt to hone in on the perfect job... because it's only a matter of time before I'll need to take ANY job, just to pay the bills -- and at this point in my career (and my life), I really, really, really don't want to do that.

(And since you're wondering... yes, I AM feeling extraordinarily guilty for buying those plane tickets to Germany! But also determined to just enjoy it and not look back, now that I actually have bought them.)

Going through all my job contacts is a huge undertaking and will take me all day, so while I wait for the coffee to take effect, I thought I'd steal Mausi's meme -- though I nodded my head yes to just about all her answers!

1. How many keys are on your keychain?

Three. House, car, gym locker (that one needs to be used more!)

2. What curse word do you use the most?

According to my kids, "shit." Of course I insist that I "never" swear...

3. Do you own an iPod?

I own a knock-off brand, a "Sansa." But I hate how the ear buds feel after just 10 minutes. I prefer big ol' earphones... which makes traveling with the little gizmo much harder!

4. What time is your alarm clock set for?

It isn't! This is just down-right weird for me! I'm used to getting up for work each morning. Now I wake up when I wake up -- which is plenty early enough, anyway. Like 5-something AM.

5. How many suitcases do you own?

LOTS! I have a suitcase for every purpose -- short biz trip, long biz trip, pleasure, etc. I even have a rolling duffel with Hawaiian flowers that I bought in Hawaii for future trips to Hawaii! AND we just bought two brand new rolling duffels for our trip to Germany (the one we really shouldn't take, but are anyway).

6. Do you wear flip–flops even when it’s cold outside?

Of course. Doesn't everyone?

7. Where do you buy your groceries from?

Almost always from Costco. Occasionally from Safeway.

8. Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture?

Oh definitely TAKE them! This is a sign of getting older. I used to love having my picture taken. Sigh.

9. What was the last movie you watched?

"Blood Diamond." I normally hate violent movies, but this one had purpose. Wow -- what an impactful movie! Both my daughters insisted, upon watching it, that they will never wear a real diamond.

10. Do any of your friends have children?

Many of them. And a few of those children even have children.

11. If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would buy?

I'd spoil a whole smattering of friends and family. Then I'd buy a lot in the Cascade foothills, a plan for a dream house, and hire a bunch of contractors, leaving Tom to build only what he wants to build. Oh, and I'd definitely start my own business.

12. Has anyone ever called you lazy?

No way. I'm anything but lazy! The problem with that is that I also have a hard time letting go and relaxing...

13. Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep faster?

Absolutely not. Falling asleep is so NOT a problem for me! Quick story: When Peter was about 10 he was in our room talking to Tom. I was in bed, watching TV. Tom said, "Hey Peter -- watch Mom. She'll be falling asleep in a second here." "No way!" I insisted. I sat up halfway, just to be sure I wasn't proven wrong. "No, she really will. Just wait -- and observe." "You guys..." That's the last thing I remember.

Falling asleep is not a problem for me. Unless I'm in a strange environment. In that case, I often have a really hard time going to sleep!

14. What CD is currently in your CD player?

CD player? Ha! I don't even know where it is. I probably sold it at a garage sale two years ago.

15. Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk?

I prefer chocolate, but don't drink it.

16. Has anyone told you a secret this week?

No. I've been quite reclusive this week.

17. When was the last time someone hit on you?

Ah, those were the days!!

18. What did you have for dinner?

We've grilled for the past week, because it's been SOOO hot! Last night I grilled veggies, pineapple and peaches (grilled fruit is great!), grilled sweet potato (yum!), tofu dogs, grilled cobs of corn and chicken skewers.

I should mention here that as I type this we are having a REALLY cool summer storm! We heard thunder off in the distance, then it suddenly got dark, and now it's pouring! But it's a warm rain. A WARM rain in Seattle... gotta love this!

19. Do you wear hoodies often?

Not often, but occasionally. I have three: one has a Stanford logo, one has a University of Washington logo, and one has our local high school logo. Come to think of it, I'm thinking of throwing one on now, thunder, lightning, rain and all...!

20. Can you whistle?

Of course. Can't everyone?

21. Have you ever participated in a protest?

I grew up in Berkeley in the 60's. Nuff said.

22. Who was the last person to call you?

Elisabeth, on her way home from Eastern Washington yesterday, asking if she could stop by so we could search for houses online together.

23. What is your favorite ride at an amusement park?

The sipping-a-Diet-Coke-while-the-rest-of-the-crazy-family unnecessarily-puts-their-lives-in-danger ride.

24. Do you think people talk about you behind your back?

Probably. No biggie. I yam who I yam.

25. What area code are you in right now?


26. Did you watch cartoons as a child?

Hardly ever. I'm sure we weren't allowed to. My parents hated "American TV" as I was growing up and we were allowed to watch very little TV (so we snuck off to "play" with the neighbor kids," duh!). Interestingly enough, my parents DID like Laugh-In, the all-time most inane, silly, all-American show of the 60's!

27. How big is your local mall?

Which one? I can think of three within just a few miles. All are big!

28. How many siblings do you have?

Three brothers.

29. Are you shy around the opposite sex?

Nope! Never have been. I'm probably more shy around women than men, because I feel more judged by women than by men.

30. What is your biggest regret?

Until recently, I haven't had any regrets at all. Now I question almost everything. But I think that's perhaps more a function of my age and my unemployment. If I'm still questioning everything when life settles down (in other words, when I find a job), then I'll really need to pay attention to it.

31. When was the last time you laughed so hard your sides hurt.

It's been way too long since I've had a REALLY good laugh. When I do, I tend to start to cry. No idea why! But I have had some decent laughs lately -- the most recent was yesterday, watching Elisabeth crack up when she watched the video I took of Shasta learning to dive.

32. What movie do you know every line to?

If Where the Wild Things Are were a movie (I think it is, actually), it'd be that!

33. Do you own any band t–shirts?

HA! My kids would be mortified! They want me to be cool, but if I really WERE, they'd be mortified!

34. When was your last plane ride?

My last biz trip to Santa Cruz, shortly before my lay-off. Sigh.

I'll be flying to Ashland, Oregon in a few weeks to spend time with my dad and Lou before our big family "pre-union" (when Lou's kids and grandkids and Dad's kids and grandkids will meet for the first time) at a mountain lake at the end of the month.

35. How many chairs are at your dining room table?

Six. And I spend far too much time in one of them, which has proven to be ergonomically disasterous! My make-shift office is the dining room table. Definitely not conducive to good body mechanics! Everything hurts. If I get a job for which I work from home, I'm definitely gonna turn one of the bedrooms into an office, big new desk and all.

36. Do you read for fun?

Of course. But not often enough.

37. Can you speak any languages other than English?

German... some. More after a few glasses of wine. After a few weeks in Germany, I dream in German. Unfortunately, that's usually about the time I'm heading home.

38. Do you do your own dishes?

Certainly most of them. I nag a lot in hopes of a turnover, though.

39. What color is your bedroom painted?

Yukky boring white.

40. Have you ever cried in public?

A few times, but not often. I heard a song that reminded me of Mom's death on the Safeway Muzak system a while back. Dissolved right then and there...

41. Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?

I live on my laptop. Our (3) desktop PCs get relatively little use as we all have been getting our own laptops.

42. Which do you make, wishes or plans?

Both. Gotta make plans, but prefer to make wishes.

43. Are you always trying to learn new things?


44. Do you shower on a daily basis?

I take a bath nightly and a shower every other day, to wash my hair.

45. Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?

Hmmmmm... I'm actually thinking of getting a small tattoo of a ladybug on my rear hip.

46. Do you believe that the guy should pay on the first date?

Ya know... I do! After that it's up for negotiation.

47. Can you skip rocks?

Only when I luck out. Out of every 10 attempts, I succeed maybe 1.3 times.

48. Have you ever been to Jamaica?

No, can I go please?

49. What to snack on at the movie theaters?

I refuse to buy snacks at the theaters. Highway robbery, I say! We walk across the street to the grocery store and defiantly bring it in. I've never been stopped because I'm pretty righteously indignant about it. I think they know that paying $4.00 of $.06 cents worth of popcorn is insane.

50. Who was your favorite teacher?

Frau Parker, my German teacher in high school. Man, was she tough! She gave hours of homework a night and we had to pay a nickel for every English word we spoke. But I've learned to appreciate her. MY MOM was the other German teacher (she had my boyfriend in her class!). She was nowhere near as tough as Frau Parker.

51. Have you ever dated someone out of your race?

Hmmm... I guess not, now that I think about it. Out of my nationality, yes.

52. What is the weather like?

See #18.

53. Would you ever date someone covered in tattoos?

One hidden one, yes. But I'm not dating!

54. Do you have an online journal?

You're looking at it.

55. What was your favorite class in high school?

See #50. I also loved AP English with the VERY bizarre Mr. Simons.

56. Do you enjoy traveling via airplanes?

Love it. I'd especially like to fly in one of the Blue Angel planes, an F-16. How cool would THAT be?

57. What personality trait is a must–have in your preferred gender?

Sense of humor.

58. Have you ever been attracted to someone physically unattractive?

I've been attracted to people who aren't conventionally physically attractive, yes, but it's all very subjective, isn't it? (Answer stolen from Mausi.)

59. When was the last time you slept on the floor?

Oh yuk! Probably when I was 7. I can not and will not sleep on the floor!

60. What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

Mai-tai. Cute little umbrella mandatory.

61. Does your closest Starbucks have a drive–thru?

I think four of the seven in my town do. OK, maybe that's an exaggeration. Not that there are seven -- there are. But that four have drive-thrus!

62. Do you like your living arrangement?

Do I have a choice? I don't like the house clearing out slowly of my offspring, but such is life. I like where our house is located, what my husband has done to fix it up (river rock fireplaces, French door, harwood floors, the new bathroom, etc), and I like the yard, now that it's being re-landscaped. But I hate split-level houses!

63. What is your mother’s hometown?

Traunstein, Bayern, Deutschland.

64. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?

Six. Any less and I can't process a thought.

65. Do you eat breakfast daily?

Oh THAT'S why my stomach is growling now, at 11 AM! I forgot to eat breakfast!

66. What was the last thing to scare you?

My life.

67. Are your days full and fast–paced?

They have been, until about the last month or so. This is just plain weird!

68. Did you ever get in trouble for talking in class?

Uh... yes. In high school we solved that problem and wrote notes. I still have hundreds, if not thousands of them!

69. What is your favorite fruit?

Blueberries. But I love all fruit -- except the prettiest of them all, star fruit. Tastes awful!

70. Do you pay attention to calories on the back of packages?

Now I do... again! Some complicated calculation of calories, fat and fiber combine to make a Weight Watchers point value.

71. How old will you be turning on your next birthday?

51. Must you remind me?

72. Are you picky about spelling and grammar?

I'm a stickler for them! It pisses me off that "kids these days" seem to think "u" and "r" are words and that they're above capitalization and punctuation. Grrrrr!

73. Do you believe in life on other planets?

Planets? Probably. But I certainly believe in other dimensions. Not sure what happened to Mom when she died (and after??), but I believe that there are probably many, many dimensions that we can't even fathom. Remember the ending of Men in Black... the universe that was on a cat's bell? Kinda that notion... like we're not even thinking in ways that wouldallow us to fathom the magnitude of possibilities when it comes to "other-dimension-ness"!

74. Have you ever been to Six Flags?

Yes. Meh.

75. Who was the last person to piss you off?

My husband. He's pretty good at that, poor guy.

76. Do you believe that God has a gender?

This question presumes a belief in God, doesn't it? (Stolen from Mausi.)

77. What was the last thing you ate?

A bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats last night.

78. Do you get along better with the same or opposite sex?

Sometimes I think I get along better with men. They're not as complicated. (Stolen from Mausi.)

79. What did you dress up as for your first Halloween?

No clue. A princess?

80. How did your parents pick your name?

I was born at the beginning of the Christmas season and they liked the name. I find it drab.

81. Do you like mustard?

ONLY German mustard, preferably Bavarian mustard.

82. What do you tell yourself when times get hard?

You create your own reality, only YOU can change it. (Stolen from Mausi.) And that "this too shall pass."

83. Would you ever sky dive?

NO! Are you crazy?! But every other member of my family would probably love to. I'll hang out sipping Diet Coke while they do. And I won't watch! (Insanity, I tell you!)

84. Do you sleep on your side, tummy, or back?

Side and back.

85. What character from a movie most reminds you of yourself?

I'd like to think that I'm as spunky as Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give. Plus, I want that house... and her writing success... and Keanu Reeves. She can HAVE Jack Nicholson. There are so many other women in movies that I identify with, too; how long do you have?

86. Have you ever bid for something on ebay?

That's where I bought this Dell laptop. Brand new, in the box. With warranty. Got a helluva deal, too!

87. Do you enjoy giving hugs?

Of course! And getting them.

88. Would you consider yourself to be fashionable?

Welllllllll, I do. But ask my daughters. They're constantly educating me, and by the time I catch on, that style's passed! I keep asking them, "Do you REALLY want your mother to dress like your friends do?!" I think NOT.

89. Do you own a digital camera?

Yes, of course. And it is at my side or in my purse at ALL times!

90. If someone you had no interest in dating expressed interest in dating you, how would you feel?

At this point in my life, flattered!! ;-)

91. What celebrities have you been compared to?

Sally Field. Repeatedly.

92. Who is your favorite Star Wars character?

The Wookie.

93. Does it annoy you when someone says they’ll call but never do?

Absolutely! Especially now, when I'm looking for a job.

94. What books, if any, have made you cry?

Do I have to admit it again?! Bridges of Madison County. I don't know why! I know it's schmaltzy, but I so feel for Franscesca. Dutiful and committed, but somewhat bored after years of raising a family and yearning to be carried off to a completely different world. Really -- haven't we all felt that way at one time or another?

95. Do you think you’re attractive?

I used to -- though I was also very self-critical. Now I know I'll pass as acceptable if I work very hard at it. Why is it that we're so critical of ourselves when we really ARE attractive? My daughters are both absolute beauties, and yet they both think they're "fat" or their legs are too short or whatever. They won't appreciate their beauty until it's in the past. So sad!

96. What are you allergic to?

God, I don't know, but it GRIPPED me last Sunday! A few times a month I'm debilitated by new allergies! This is not something I've had to deal with until about a year ago.

97. Are you a jealous person?

No, not at all.

98. What’s your opinion on sex without emotional commitment?

Never done it. I guess it might have its place (or might have had its place). But I didn't partake unless I was in love. No regrets there.

99. Do you ever feel guilty after eating meat?

Yes. With a vegetarian daughter who's pretty vocal about how cows and game are treated... yes. I eat far less meat now than I used to.

100. If you were born the opposite sex, what would your name have been?

Carl, after my father's father. Actually, add that to question #80.

101. Is it lunch time yet?

It's 11:19, but I haven't had breakfast, so YES!!

And after lunch, it's back to work, finding work.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Carol, your challenge worked. I have a blog at Wordpress and did the meme as my first entry. It's called Life at Juanita's Place. We'll see how long I keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention the URL:

Unknown said...

I read this on Christina's website and did it too! :-)

Rositta said...

I'm too chicken to do that, at least on my blog. Where in Germany, I'm going to Wiesbaden for a week in September...ciao

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