Friday, July 06, 2007

Make Me a Deal!

It's garage sale day. The problem with garage sales is that they're just so dang much work for so little return! But the weather is glorious, I (barely) have a wireless connection here in my driveway, and I'm forced to sit down and take it easy. After shoveling the rest of the chips yesterday (20 yards in all, at least 100 wheelbarrow loads), I can use the relaxation.

Because the truck is broken and won't start, we can't do our regular routine of just loading it up with the stuff that didn't sell and making a trip to Goodwill. Instead, we'll need to put all the remaining junk BACK in the garage tomorrow evening. That's great motivation for practically giving things away! If we can just get rid of the (very 80's) entertainment center, I'll be thrilled. That thing is solid oak, heavy as a horse, and I do NOT want to move it again!

And... a Bailey update: she is still completely listless and won't eat or drink. But according to the vet, who called this morning, her blood work is fine, so the diagnosis is officially FUO -- fever of unknown origin. (Huh?!) I gave her the second antibiotic pill this morning -- which she hated -- so hopefully that will kick in soon and she'll turn the corner. If she's not better by 4:00 today, we'll bring her back. Poor kitty! Boo misses her and doesn't understand why she's acting so strange.

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